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Blake Lively with a side braid - a life saver on the beach

Blake Lively with a side braid - a life saver on the beach

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Joico Leave-in Rescue Treatment

Joico Leave-in Rescue Treatment


Blake Lively with a side braid - a life saver on the beach

There is nothing like a summer holiday to remind you that you don't have perfect hair. It may play ball and behave itself in Ireland, but hot climates invariably wreak havoc.

The sea, the sun, the sand, the pool… there are so many aggressors to fight against, which is why I always apply a leave-in conditioner when I'm sunbathing. The heat of the sun helps the product to penetrate and also I find that the conditioner acts as a barrier to sea salt and chlorine.

If your hair is prone to frizz, Alex Reid, creative director of Alan Keville For Hair, which has salons in Dublin, Wexford and Cork, recommends trying the Alfaparf's Lisse Design 12-week blow-dry before going on holidays. Alternatively, he says, that the Joico Leave-in Rescue Treatment (€13.90, selected stores, pictured) will keep the frizz and humidity out until your next wash. Another holiday hair conundrum we face is whether to get our hair coloured before or after holidays. Alex says that it is a matter of personal choice. A balayage can add to that relaxed holiday feel, however, if you can't stand the sight of roots, Alex recommends getting colour done before your holiday and looking after it well with the right products.

Because I am a bright blonde, I have no choice but to invest in good colour-protecting products. These keep the cuticles closed and put a protective barrier on the hair to reduce the amount of fade.

When it comes to styling, keeping it simple and natural is the key, according to Alex. "Sometimes embracing your curls and taking a much more relaxed approach can add to your holiday style," he says. To achieve that beach perfect look spray Joico's Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax (€16.95) into roughly dried hair before loosely plaiting it to the side. Gently pull sections out for a more dishevelled look.

Top tip

Continue using repairing hair products for a couple of weeks after your holidays to ensure your hair remains in good shape.

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