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Beauty Dilemma: Red nose and cheeks


Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser

Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser

Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser

My cheeks and nose have become really flushed lately. It usually gets worse when I'm outside or have come in from the cold. I was wondering whether you had any ideas as to what might be causing the problem and if there are any steps I can take to help calm things down?

At this time of year your problem is quite a common one for many people and has probably been compounded by the recent cold snap.

Changes in temperature, humidity and going from extremes of heat to extremes of cold often cause our skin to dilate and contract which results in increased sensitivity and redness.

With many of us going from cold winds to centrally heated homes and offices the key is to minimise the amount of disruption to skin at this time of year. Reducing stimulants which increase flushing can help matters so cutting down on the coffee, spicy foods and alcohol are a must.

Another aspect to consider is your routine. As your skin is going from extremes pairing down the products you use will help to lessen the aggravation generally. Sticking to one particular brand and avoiding aggressive scrubs and strong hydroxy acids will de-clutter your routine, as will using natural perfumes and cleansers.

When it comes to the cover there are lots of products on the market to camouflage redness. Applying a calming fluid like dermalogica's Gentle Soothing Booster to the area before you apply your make-up will help sooth skin and mineral powders like Clinique's anti redness Mineral Pressed Powder will help camouflage any flare ups.

Finally applying protective ingredients like vitamin E and sun screen to the area will help to control severity of daily flare-ups and reduce long-term damage caused by the elements.

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