Wednesday 21 March 2018

Beauty Dilemma: My foundation isn't working for me

Vichy's Lumineuse Tinted Moisturiser
Vichy's Lumineuse Tinted Moisturiser

Sinead Van Kampen

Over the last few months my skin has started to suffer and I am concerned it might be my make-up. I use quite a heavy foundation which I have to top up during the day because my skin is quite oily. My job is quite demanding and involves me meeting clients so appearance is important to me. Is there something I can use that might be lighter for my skin but will still give good coverage?

There are several foundations on the market which will give good coverage and are kinder to skin. As it's always best to give tired skin a breather, it may also be good to consider taking make-up off earlier in the day and having a foundation-free day at weekends.

When it comes to products you may have to invest a little more money but look out for products which are light and will reduce intolerance.

Vichy's Lumineuse Tinted Moisturiser is good for coverage and was developed for hypoallergenic skin and it can also be used on quieter days when you are not with clients.

For the days that you need full coverage a liquid mineral foundation like Ahavas Dead Sea Algae Light Foundation might be a good one to try. As the oil-free fluid is perfect for oily skin it should help on that side and the fact that it's a matte finish will also minimise the appearance of pores - some very gentle exfoliation might also help!

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