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Beauty Dilemma: How to get the most from my home colour


Library Image. Getty Images

Library Image. Getty Images

Library Image. Getty Images

I have recently swapped my salon visits for the supermarket alternative. I am a bottle brunette, and while I'm happy with the shade, I have noticed my home colour fades faster. Is there anything I can do to keep my colour vibrant for longer?

No matter how permanent they claim to be, all hair colours fade over time. As the professional colours used in salons do tend to be stronger than supermarket alternatives you will notice a difference now that you've left the salon and hit the bottle.

Giving your hair plenty of TLC between colours and paying attention to what products you're using should help your colour last that little bit longer. Environmental factors and styling tend to be the biggest causes when it comes to fading so protecting your hair with a hat or scarf when your out in the sun would be a good start.

Styling products can also reek havoc. Products which are designed to open the hair cuticle are the worst offenders for this so be careful with volumising treatments as they can accelerate colour loss.

Water is also best served to coloured hair in limited amounts, so cutting down to two or three shampoos a week should help matters. Washing hair in cool water instead of hot has also been known to preserve colour as the cuticle will stay closed when you wash which in turn limits exposure to the pigment used and in turn will slow down colour loss. When it comes to shampoo it's the milder the better and anti-dandruff or clarifying shampoos should be avoided if possible.

Finally, any change in hair routine is going to mean different results so it may be time to re-evaluate your expectations when it comes to home colour. Whilst it is cheaper and much more convenient the results can be quite unpredictable compared to similar treatments at a salon.

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