Tuesday 16 January 2018

Beauty Dilemma: How to get flawless pale skin

Mac Face and Body foundation
Mac Face and Body foundation

Sinead Van Kampen

Can you suggest any body products for pale skin? I'm looking for something that would even out skin tone on arms especially. Something that works like a fake tan but obviously without the tan. Also what would be the best way to apply?

Uneven skin tone is common complaint on these fair isles and while those blessed with a darker complexion can get away with fake tan until November the rest of us fair maidens have to improvise when it comes to covering our minor imperfections!

There are plenty of products out there to even skin tone, but the key lies in finding natural match. If your patches are pink or red the simplest solution could be a powder similar to Wonder Powder from the Make-Up store. The powder contains an agent that combat the redness and when applied in long sweeps with a large brush should give an even finish.

If the patches are darker but more grey/beige in colour, a face and body powder like MAC's Face and Body Foundation could be perfect. As the name suggests it's a great one for 'all over' usage and comes in a range of shades which will make finding a colour match for your skin tone that little bit easier. Application on this is a little trickier, so if the brush doesn't work blending with a sponge could be the best way forward.

If neither of these options does the trick then try mixing down your regular foundation with a little moisturiser or illuminating cream. Provided you've mixed well and taken the time to blend, the results will produce a natural finish. Although the exact ratio of foundation to moisturiser will depend on the product you already use half and half would be a good place to start.

A longer term solution is a change in your beauty routine. The main cause of uneven skin tone is believed to be overexposure to the sun and a build up of dead skin cells, preventing cell damage and exfoliating the area to stimulate skin can often work well. For exfoliation try a body scrub like Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub once a week and you may see an improvement.

Finally, keeping the skin hydrated will help for applying any cover now and also clearing skin in the longer term. Try a moisturising lotion like Vichy's Essentielles Body Milk which should go a long way toward keeping skin moist throughout the day.

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