Saturday 16 December 2017

Beauty dilemma: How can I get rid of my fake tan build-up?

St Tropez Tan Detox
St Tropez Tan Detox

Sinead Van Kampen

I have applied fake tan in liberal measure all summer and have noticed that I'm left with a build up on my knees, elbows and legs. Now that it's time to fade out the colour for autumn I'm finding the streaks quite difficult to remove. It's been two weeks since my last application and the streaks still show no sign of moving, can you advise on a quick fix?

Without wanting to sound too preachy on the subject, false tan can have some nasty effects on the skin. Although on the safety front it doesn't even compare to the sunbed option, overdoing it is never a good route to go down.

Generally the mistake people make when choosing a fake tan is to go too dark or use a shade that isn't suitable for their skin type. As you mention, elbows and knees can be tricky as they tend to drink the stuff up, so it's always best to exfoliate between applications and wait for longer between top-ups.

As there is such a fine line between golden glow and too long in the oven, it is easy to keep topping up and going darker and darker without noticing. Short of sloughing it off, a good option would be to try a bath oil tan remover like St Tropez Tan Detox or similar removers which work to break down those fake tan marks whilst keeping skin nice and moist.

Probably the most reliable option would be a gentle exfoliator and a little elbow grease. Aloe Gentle Exfoliator by the Body Shop is a good bet as it has a good pH value for breaking down the build up. For a natural treatment for those problem areas like knees and elbows, try applying a little lemon juice as the citric acid will help to break down the dead skin cells to reveal the pale and more interesting you that lurks beneath.

Good luck!

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