Sunday 18 March 2018

Beauty Dilemma: fighting the frizz

Kerastase Oleo-Relax for dry rebellious hair
Kerastase Oleo-Relax for dry rebellious hair

Sinead Van Kampen

Help! My hair is out of control. It isn't curly, it isn't straight and even the slightest bit of humidity sends it spinning into a fuzzy mess. No matter how long I spend straightening it by the time lunchtime arrives my hair is full of kinks. With Christmas coming I'd like a sleeker look for the party season. Anything you can suggest?

Even the sleekest of styles can find themselves in an unseemly battle with the dreaded frizz, so you have my sympathies. Due to the daily drizzle that passes for our weather during the winter months the most important weapon in any girls armoury will be sealing hair to protect against humidity and once sealed managing factors like split ends.

In the first instance laying off the straighteners might be a good option as applying heat to damp hair will only steam away the oils you need to protect hair. Instead of styling away the problem in the short term you might wish to look at your washing and drying routine instead.

Make a start by washing hair with products designed to sleek. TIGI's 'S' Factor Smoothing shampoo works well and after conditioning, rinse hair with cold or lukewarm water before you begin to dry. Once hair has been allowed to breathe a little try a taming product like John Frieda's Frizz Ease or Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy and when it comes to towel drying try gently squeezing wet hair into a towel rather than scrunching or rubbing hair.

Once hair is dry keeping it protected and sealed against moisture is the key. Essentially you should be looking to cut down the cycle of moisture being released and then absorbed into hair during the day so an oil which will help lock moisture and seal the hair cuticles is the key. Try Orofluido hair oil which will help keep hair smooth and protected.

Another great product to try is the Oleo Relax Mask by Kerastase which is a weekly deep conditioning treatment designed to ease frizz.

Although I haven't tried it personally some I know swear by it and if combined with a regular trim to keep split ends under control the problem should ease a little. Once the frizz has calmed going back to the straighteners should be fine. If you can use irons with ceramic plates and combine with a spritz of James Brown's Heat Protection Spray which will work wonders for protecting your glossy new locks from the rigors of the GHD.

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