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Beauty dilemma: Dark knees


Library Image. Photo: Getty Images

Library Image. Photo: Getty Images

Library Image. Photo: Getty Images

The skin around my knees is darker than everywhere else on my body and I'm dreading getting my knees out this spring/summer. Have you any thoughts on what's causing this and more importantly what can be done to even out my skin tone?

Variations in skin colour affect the best of us and although it's a common complaint, having knees that look like you've been saying prayers in a cabbage patch is an understandable cause for concern.

Some parts of our bodies (mainly our knees and elbows) tend to suffer from dead skin build up more then other parts and as the build up of cells contains melanin our skin can appear darker as dry skin builds around those areas.

Thankfully this is pretty easy to reverse and lightening things up is probably just a matter of finding out which exfoliators work best for removing the build up of dead cells. Whilst it may be tempting to scrub scrub scrub, skin expert Candice Gardner from the International Dermal Institute recommends gentle exfoliation and choosing a salt or granular scrub that can be used before a bath or shower to buff away those extra unwanted cells.

Generally, when it comes to exfoliating, gentle scrubbing over time will give better results than getting out the sandpaper and the PH balance of moisturising products will also help work to reduce the build up over time. Choose a body moisturiser that contains fruit acids and will gently encourage natural exfoliation throughout the day.

To keep skin soft and hydrated going forward, exfoliating and keeping the area hydrated will help to prevent cell build up and products that act as a food for the skin will help the dry areas to replenish themselves faster.

Swapping your usual moisturiser for a product made from natural nut butters will work wonders as these formulas tend to be absorbed more easily by the skin.

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