Friday 15 December 2017

Beauty Dilemma: Blocked pores

Image posed. Photo: Getty Images
Image posed. Photo: Getty Images

Sinead Van Kampen

As a rule of thumb I have quite clear skin and apart from breakouts as a teen I've been free of blackheads ever since. Having recently got back from holiday I've noticed a build up around my nose and chin even though I haven't really been wearing much make-up. Could this be to do with something like the sunscreen I've been using?

Blackheads can be a common problem after a change in skin routine or a period of warm summer weather. Essentially the root of the problem is most likely excess oils in the skin which have blocked the pores and caused the blackheads to form.

Given the change to warmer weather and the added use of products like sunscreen your problem may have occurred because these products tend to sink into the skin and leave a residue on the surface which blocks pores.

As the skin produces more oil and pores stay open for longer during the summer months even a small change in the balance of the skin can really cause problems. In the same way you've altered the products for summer, try changing your skin routine in favour of some deep cleansing and regular exfoliating. During the summer months focus on the areas that tend to produce more oil like the nose and chin and beware of overdoing it or stripping too much natural oil.

If the problem persists try using an exfoliator which contains salicylic acid. This should exfoliate the congested areas and help prevent further breakouts. When it comes to cleansers, a change to oil based products like Origins Clean Energy may also help as this clears the residue from products like sunscreen and the surface dirt that make-up leaves on skin.

Finally, to minimise pore clogging in the future, a change in the type of make-up you're using may help. During warmer weather try changing from heavy foundations and powders toward natural unscented products and mineral make-ups which are better at letting the skin breathe. Once the balance in your skin comes back the problem should clear itself up.

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