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Beauty - Andrea Byrne: get some winter colour

Lack of sunshine doesn't mean we have to banish the bronzer - here's how to achieve a natural glow

Giorgio Armani beauty
Giorgio Armani beauty
Belle de Tein luminous bronze powder

Andrea Byrne

The winter and its lack of sunshine has left our complexions pasty and dull, and while bronzer will certainly work to rectify that, it's a product that leaves loads of room for error. You want to look alive and healthy but at the same time you want it to look natural. Where bronzer is concerned, there is a very fine line between nice and nasty.

"It's important that we don't pick the wrong tone of bronzer in the winter," advises Marc Sinclair, Elite Make-Up Artist with Lancôme. "The lack of sun means we tend to get a bit paler so make sure you go for a lighter shade of bronzer. The only exception is if you are a fake tan user then you can use the same shade bronzer all year round."

According to Mark, the biggest mistake we make when using bronzer is in the placement of it. Don't, whatever you do, colour the entire face in with it. "It's so easy in the winter to feel pale and get a bit carried away with it and before we know it we have transformed into an 'oompa loompa'. I recommend skimming some bronzer on to the temples and down the lower cheek bones for a natural, yet warm and sculpted finish," he says.

Basically, apply bronzer in the places that the sun would naturally hit, as you would in the summer - just do so with a lighter shade of bronzer, a gentler hand and far less product. You want the overall look to look like you, not make-up.

Marc loves Lancôme's Belle De Teint Luminous Bronzing Powders, as they give a blurring effect and don't look powdery on the skin in the cool winter light. Also, using a big fluffy brush helps you get a more diffused and more natural finish.

In terms of texture, powders are easier to work with and a matte finish is definitely more winter appropriate.

How to...

get natural bronzed skin in winter

Don't be aggressive when applying bronzer, says Marc Sinclair, who recommends we build up the colour and use light sweeping motions on the correct areas where needed. Always make sure your neck and face match. Oh, and don't forget your ears!

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