Thursday 22 March 2018

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Bronwyn Conroy
Bronwyn Conroy

Bronwyn Conway is a skincare professional currently working as Nuxe’s training manager. A regular on our TV screens as one of Xposé’s beauty contributors, she debunks some of the myths about using facial oils as part of a skincare routine

What are the benefits of using oils on our skin?

When we moisturise our skin we want to achieve a dual effect. Firstly, we want to put moisture into our skin and then lock it in. We lose a lot of moisture through our epidermis, so dry oils are very beneficial, as they put moisture into our skin and also seal it in.  Incorporating oils into your skincare results in glowy, perfectly hydrated skin.

Are women afraid of using oils in case it causes breakouts?

Yes, I think a lot of women are wary of oils if they are prone to breakouts but actually oils play an important role in sebum regulation. The skin is our largest sensory organ and if we deprive it of oil in an effort to reduce breakouts it sends messages to the receptors that we are lacking in oil resulting in more oil being produced. It is important to choose light oils with a similar molecular structure to our skin to allow easy penetration such as jojoba and aloe vera. Geranium, tea tree and eucalyptus all have powerful anti-bacterial properties and will help to treat breakouts.

What’s the best way to use oils?

Oils are very versatile, they can be:

● Applied directly to the skin.

● Mixed with your moisturiser.

● In the summer a few drops can be mixed with your foundation for a lighter, more dewy finish.

● It can be used as a primer under foundation to create a canvas for make-up.

● Used as a hair mask pre-washing, or as a hair serum post-washing.

● Massaged into nails to treat dry cuticles.

● Applied directly to the body or mixed with body creams.

● Oils are a very effective stretch mark treatment and they can also be massaged into scars to speed up scar maturation.

Personally, when I am applying oils to my face, I warm it in my hands and press it into my face. I apply before going to bed as it is full of antioxidants and has great healing and hydrating properties.

Are there any oils we should stay away from?

Definitely. Not all oils are beneficial. Quality is key. Opt for a cold-pressed oil and natural oils like floral, berry and nut oils. Never use synthetic oils such as mineral oil.

What oils would you recommend for various skin types?

Ageing skin: Use tsubaki and/or argan oils.

Acne-prone skin: Use tea tree, evening primrose and jojoba oils.

Combination skin: Use aloe vera, sandalwood and Melissa oils.

What is your hero oil product?

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. I love that it’s so versatile and is packed with antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is my desert island product!

When should we use oils?

Oils can be used at night or during the day. It depends on your skin as to how often you apply and when.

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