Monday 15 July 2019

Anti-ageing treatments: The non surgical face lift

Non Surgical Facelift
Non Surgical Facelift

Sinead Van Kampen

This week we, at Independent Woman, have once again bravely delved into the world of anti-ageing treatments, on your behalf, and tested a treatment that claims to give you the face lift without the stitches.

What is it?

The Non Surgical Facelift is an intensive anti-ageing treatment which aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by treating skin using a high frequency electrical current. Skin is toned, tightened and lifted and the needles and scalpels are left at home!

On hearing that the treatment has a raft of celebrity fans with everyone from Elle MacPherson to Lisa Snowden lining up to be zapped we thought we might just give it a whirl.

What's the process...

The treatment begins with a conducting cream being applied to the face. This acts as a conductor for the electrical current which is passed through at key points on the face. Cotton-tipped probes then transmit tiny electrical pulses to the muscles in the face and neck and, as the whole thing is guided with the aid of a computer, the therapist has an exact guide as to whether the right muscles are being stimulated.

Once the muscles have received treatment, pads are then placed on the face to aid skin repair by boosting circulation and draining the lymph and after this stage a microdermabrasion treatment is applied. Skin is then soothed with blue and red light therapy before a wrinkle comb is used to plump out the skin using a high frequency current. Pores are then treated to a face mask and sealed using a micro current.

Who's it for ...

The Non Surgical Facelift has a range of applications from fine-lines and wrinkles to acne prone skin. Essentially the treatment plumps, cleans, exfoliates and tightens so it's pretty much the full bag.

Why you should ...

Although being hooked up to a computer and plugged into the mains sounds pretty invasive, on the whole the treatment is quite gentle.

Results are also pretty much instant and skin is left feeling taught and smooth. For this reviewer a nasty outbreak of spots had almost completely disappeared by morning and although a full course of treatments is recommended the results are positive after a short session.

Why you shouldn't ...

Despite the fact this one's non surgical, there are some strange side-effects. Throughout the treatment there is a slight tingling, a metallic taste in the mouth and at some point the contractions in my facial muscles began to play havoc with my optic nerve. Tiny lights began to flash around my eyes and whilst I was assured this was perfectly normal, at one point it did feel a little Frankenstein!

How much is it?

The treatment costs €110 for an hour and 20 minutes and is available at Pink Beauty Boutique, Main Street Dundrum, Dublin 14. To book an appointment call 01 205 1022.

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