Monday 11 December 2017

Anti aging treatment - the Meso-Vit Facial

Meso Vit facial
Meso Vit facial

Sinead Van Kampen

We have once again been out and about testing, this week the Meso-Vit Facial, a treatment which claims to possess many of the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the slightest hint of needle or knife!

What is it ?

The Meso-Vit facial is an anti aging treatment designed to mimic the misotherapy injections used by plastic surgeons. The treatment works by applying a lightweight vitamin enriched serum to the skin and using different techniques and tools to increase absorption. Unlike needle based treatments, the Meso-Vit procedure uses tiny micro needles which open the pores to the serum and do not puncture the skin.

How does it work?

The Meso-Vit Facial works by promoting cell growth and renewal in the skins hypodermic layer. By injecting a serum deep into the skin using micro needles the treatment aims to increase collagen and elastin within skin tissue without having to go as far as traditional Mesotherapy and injections based procedures. This is perfect for the squeemish.

What's the process?

Skin is prepared using a cleansing treatment and a cinnamon exfoliation. Vitamin A and C are then administered using a small vibrating pen with rubber teeth which simulates the skin to increase absorption. Once absorbed, a further Vitamin E treatment is then administered with a roller tool fitted with tiny needles which stimulates skin and encourages the red blood cells to come to the surface. A cooling Vitamin C mask is then applied to the skin and once set, the mask is peeled back and a Vitamin E serum and moisturiser are applied.

Why not just take vitamins?

Although a combination of vitamins can be used to improve the tone and texture of skin, getting them in efficiently and into the right places is the key to the treatment. Vitamin A works to turn back the clock, Vitamin C brightens and lightens skin while Vitamin E targets environmental and free radical damage. By creating channels with micro needles into the deeper layers, the vitamin serum can get to source.

Who's it for?

The Meso-Vit facial was designed for mature or dull skin lacking a heathy glow and is often used as an alternative to, or top-up for Mesotherapy injections.

How long does it take?

At around an hour and a half per session the Meso-Vit facial isn't really one for those short on time.

Why you should...

If spending an afternoon having your face layered with nourishing goodies isn't enough to convince you, you'll be pleased to hear that seven days later I'm still feeling the benefits. Dry bits have been erased, my complexion is brighter and skin feels soft.

Why you shouldn't ...

Whilst the procedure may not be invasive in the same way that cosmetic surgery or injections are it does, albeit in a small way, penetrate the skin. Given that all that stimulation may leave skin rather red it may be best to book this one when the diary is clear of pressing engagements. As you will also need a few hours without make-up after the treatment for the full benefits keep a paper bag to hand if you're popping out for milk!

How much is it?

The Misco Vit facial is available from Urban Beauty, 189 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 and costs €85 per session. Call 01 497 8656 to book.

Independent Woman readers can enjoy 15% off the treatment until December 17th 2010 when they mention this article.

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