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Aisling Keenan: Man up for dad


Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, and anything remotely beauty-regime related is a total minefield -- you've to be careful not to cross the manly man invisible line.

A bit of Vaseline on chapped lips is fine, but show them anything glossy or pink-tinted and most men will run a mile.

Father's Day is coming up, so what can you buy dad that says "thanks for being a great dad".

Here are some old reliables and a few, little more out-there suggestions for metro-sexual treats.

Being a dad can be tough going, particularly for new fathers or parents of teens. So give him something to take that look of fatigue from his face. Vichy Homme Hydra Mag C+ (€17 from pharmacies nationwide) is a new anti-fatigue cream that hopes to do just that. And if you buy it this Father's Day, you’ll nab a complimentary 50ml soap-free shaving foam.

You can’t really go far wrong with a bottle of cologne — unless your dad is particularly picky about how he smells, or which men’s scent he uses, your job is easy. Head into your nearest department store and follow your nose. Don’t get him the same one as your boyfriend because you like it — big fragrance faux pas. These two new fragrances are just on the right side of manly; they’re both very fresh and perfect for summer: Armani Code Sport (50ml, €53), and Yves Saint Laurent’s Kouros (100ml, €46), from Armani and YSL counters nationwide.

Unless your dad is on the very young end of the fatherhood scale, he’s likely to have some stray hairs creeping out in certain areas. Avoid the awkward, “Dad, can you please trim your ear hair” conversation by giving him a hair trimmer. He’ll have no choice but to sort out the unruly hair growth. Remington’s Challenger Gift Pack (€49.99 from electrical and retail stores nationwide) is ideal. It comes with a hair clipper and a precision nose/ear hair trimmer too. All in a handy (very manly) bag.

You could give your papa the gift of moisture — everyone’s skin needs TLC, not just women’s. What better way to sell a moisturiser to your dad than to tell him it’s a shield to free-radicals and UV rays and that it’s made to withstand outdoor activities and swimming? He’ll feel like a super hero. That’s exactly what this L’Occitane Verdon Outdoor Moisturiser SPF30 (€26.95 from L’Occitane stores) does — super hero in a tube.

Suppose your daddy dearest did something outstanding this year, such as giving you away at your wedding, fixing your leaking kitchen pipes, or he just showed you unconditional support. You might want to splash out come Father's Day and give him a day to remember. Cork’s Imperial Hotel’s fab Escape Spa has a great package specially tailored to the needs of men. Only if your dad truly deserves it, though. He’ll get a facial, back treatment, head massage and the chance to restore his inner peace, if needs be. All from €220.

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