Friday 27 April 2018

Aisling Keenan: Be your own pro

Aisling Keenan has expert tricks of the trade for your daily routine

Ailsing Keenan

In an ideal world, we'd all have our own personal make-up artist on hand every morning to doll us up to perfection. We could all go from blemished and sleepy to bright-eyed and flawless in the flourish of a brushstroke.

But unless you've got bags of cash or you're a Hollywood A-lister, having a pro on hand is just wishful thinking. But that doesn't mean we can't steal all their insider knowledge, does it?

Two top Irish make-up artists have given me some top tips to help you put the finishing touches to your make-up. Kate O'Reilly (www. and Sarah Hope Smith (www.sarahhope share their tricks of the trade.

THE TRICKS Rub a tiny amount of Vaseline (from €1.50, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide) into your eyebrows after you finish applying your make-up. It will take any powder/foundation out of them so they won’t look caked and they’ll be easier to shape.

Baby Oil (from Johnson & Johnson, €2.24 for 300ml, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide) is great for dissolving stubborn mascara that just won’t budge. Massage it into dry lashes before using normal eye makeup remover on a cotton pad to sweep away all the product.

After you apply your mascara, use an ear bud to hold your lashes slightly upwards towards your lid. That way, the mascara dries in that position and will give your lashes more drama and curl. It works great with Avon Spectra Lash (€15, from your local Avon representative; see

Always put something on to your eyelid before applying eyeshadow so that it goes on well and stays on the skin. There are plenty of great long-lasting products on the market.

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion (€19.50, Debenhams and House of Fraser) is the best, but for a quick fix, a little concealer and powder will do the trick!

MAC Vanilla Pigment (€24.50 from MAC at Brown Thomas) is a great product for highlighting cheekbones. Press it over a cream-textured eyeshadow to get a stronger effect on your eyes, and you can even press a little into the centre of your lip-gloss for extra shine.


Sarah Hope Smith has some additional valuable, time-saving tips for making your beauty routine work best.

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