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Thursday 21 June 2018

Agency asks model to remove 'ugly' photos of acne, eczema and colonic irrigation from Instagram, model resigns

Stina Sanders/Instagram
Stina Sanders/Instagram
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A model who went viral for publicising her 'flaws' on Instagram has revealed her agency asked her to stop sharing the images.

Stina Sanders had 15,000 followers on the social media network when she decided to stop sharing flawless, airbrushed images and instead share 'honest' photos, "the kind of stuff you don't really want people to know about your life."

In an article for the Telegraph, Sanders writes that she lost 5,000 followers following the change which saw her post pics of her chipped toenail polish and make up free face.

As well as losing followers, however, she said she also lost the support of her modelling agency.

She writes that they told her, "You need to stop sharing these ugly images.  You might find it hard to get work if you continue to post images of your acne and eczema."

Sanders refused to stop posting the images because, "there's no denying that even the model in the photo can't ever look as beautiful as the model in the photo."

Could play Dot to Dot with my bacne!!

A photo posted by STINA SANDERS (@stinasanders) on

When her agency then asked her to "keep up appearances" she decided to resign.

"For anyone who has suffered from a mental health problem, you will understand the stress and agonising pressure of saving face. This ultimatum pushed me to make my decision. I had to leave them," she writes.

She then sent them photos of herself from a shoot which had not been airbrushed.

"It was my way of sticking two fingers up at them," she says.

Oh the IBS is bad! So it's colonic irrigation time.....

A photo posted by STINA SANDERS (@stinasanders) on

Since leaving her agency she has started writing a book and since her experiment went viral she has accumulated 124,000 followers. 

Sanders continues to post 'honest' photos, "People can relate to me and I can relate to them, because we're only human."

The look I give to all my Easter eggs who are waiting to be opened. I'm coming my friends...I'm coming....

A photo posted by STINA SANDERS (@stinasanders) on

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