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Thursday 22 August 2019

6 mistakes women make when shopping for skincare products

beautys in christmas
beautys in christmas
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Now that we’re in the throes of winter, a new skincare regime has never been more important.

From combating central heating in your office to shopping for anti-ageing products, it seems we’re all making the same mistakes. We chatted to Dr Eric DuPont, founder of IDC (Integral Dermo Correction) founder and general skincare guru about where there’s room to improve. 

1. Try not to buy on impulse

According to Dr DuPont, a lot of us can be easily influenced by celebrity brand ambassadors of big name brands, instead of focusing on the cold, hard facts. “They make purchases  based on the latest marketing campaign a certain company makes, based on the high profile spokesperson they use or based on the high-tech expensive packaging they use for their often under concentrated formulation.”


2. Don’t be afraid to ask more questions

“Talk to your skincare specialist and again - ask questions, ask for facts (such as clinical studies, scientific papers that can substantiate the claims made by the product). You have the right to know what you are putting on your skin and most of all, you have the right to expect and obtain results.”


3. Research, research, research

It’s time to revert back to your secondary school science classes and research exactly what chemicals are in your products and specifically what they do. We should be looking for “molecules that have been tested clinically for their actual efficacy, such as retinol, vitamin C, coenzyme Q-10, matrixyl and hyaluronic acid. Other molecules also have amazing benefits, supported by clinical data and should be included in anti-ageing cosmetic products.  Euk-134 is a highly potent antioxidant that also creates oxygen and water, abyssine and phytocell alp rose are anti-inflammatory extracts that increase the skin’s defence mechanisms, neutrazen is a peptide targeting neurogenic inflammation while resveratrol protects the cell against oxidation and DNA damages.”


4. Read the label

Dr DuPont says consumers should be focusing on two different things when we’re shopping for anti-ageing skincare. “Firstly, for the cosmetic product to actually be effective, it has to target the 16 main mechanisms involved in skin ageing. To do so, it needs numerous molecules that work synergistically to bring back skin’s youthful equilibrium.” Secondly, applying it correctly is crucial.


5. Balance is key

The common qualities women with good skin share? “Good nutrition, enough sleep, steering away from stressful factors and avoiding smoking. They also follow a cosmetic routine every morning and night (cleanse, correct and hydrate) and they protect their skin from sun exposure. A healthy life, a healthy skin.”


6. SPF is an Irish woman’s skin’s best friend

Thanks to the harsh, Irish women are similar to Canadians in their battle for skin protection. In particular, for those prone to redness and rosacea, wearing SPF every day is crucial.  “The first thing is to minimize aggravating factors, such as change of temperature or exposure to UV rays without strong SPF protection (min 25 SPF) (even on cloudy days).”

Dr DuPont just launched the newest range of his IDC (Integral Dermo Correction) skincare line. It is available at and prices start at €26.95.


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