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Beauty sleuth by Ruth Griffin

A beauty hack to compete with the school gate yummy mummies? Yes please!

Ruth Griffin. Photo: Naomi Gaffey
Ruth Griffin. Photo: Naomi Gaffey
Charlotte Tilbury magic cream
Clarins face mist
Cocoa Brown dry oil
Karite lavender handcream
Eyelure brow stencils
Megan Fox
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Lopez
Flormar mascara
Charlotte Tilbury Amber Haze
Callanberry brush pouch
Giorgio Armani Rouge D'Armani lisptik
Paula Callan and Derrick Carberry
Mac brow campaign
MAC big brow pencil
NARS foundation
Pantene Pro V
Rosie for Autograph radiance cream M&S
Ruth Griffin

Ruth Griffin

We're almost over our wonderfully chilled-out Easter break. My son has spent the last few weeks lounging around in his trackie, playing with his pals and nibbling away on his mountain of Easter eggs. I suspect he's dreading heading back to healthy packed lunches, stuffy uniforms and homework. If I'm being totally honest, he's not the only one - the school run wouldn't exactly be my favourite part of being a mum.

I read and hear about there being style competitions at the school gates between yummy mummies, dropping their little ones off every morning - one eye on the child, the other beadily assessing the other mums' sartorial and beauty choices. Perhaps this does exist at my son's school, but being the world's worst morning person, I'm generally too grumpy and groggy to care.

To say I look a bit of a state on the school run might actually be underselling it slightly… I knew I had to address my lack of school-run style when my, normally sweet and always immaculately dressed, sister very kindly informed me I looked like I was off dumpster diving for the day.

In my defence, if I have a meeting or work on, I'll get up before my son and do the whole style and beauty shebang before he wakes up. It's not worth the trauma trying to make myself look presentable with AJ around - trying to get him to get into his uniform, feed him, pack his lunch and not be late is like trying to herd a feral puppy. The very last thing on my zombie morning mind is lipstick and mascara.

So instead, I came up with my own school-run style hack. These days, I stick on a beanie hat to tame and hide my fuzzy morning mane, slip on some huge sunglasses (which, in fairness, I'm wearing mostly in the rain which possibly makes me look even more mad than I did originally) and throw on my gym gear.

That way the other mums think I'm actually a virtuous, healthy, kale smoothie-drinking gym bunny, off to run a half marathon. Is this the perfect beauty/fashion crime? Probably not, but maybe if we all do it we can start a trend! Read on for some more beauty hacks.

Treat Vs Cheat

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, €90, Brown Thomas and BT2

Charlotte Tilbury magic cream

This unbelievable silky, moisturising primer gives a gorgeous glow to the skin.

Rosie's Radiance Cream, €24, Marks & Spencer

This skin-brightening cream is is a good runner-up.


Beauty hack

Brow beaten

Every beauty guru will tell you how important a well-shaped eyebrow is - it gives symmetry and structure to the face. Brows are also nearly impossible to get right! You'll never get them exactly matching - eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. To get your brows in the best shape, try the Eylure Brow Stencil Kit (€6.99) from Boots. It's THE best beauty cheat I've seen in ages. Simply place the stencil over your brow and either colour in or tweeze within the shape you prefer. Genius! When that's done, use MAC's new Big Brow Pencil (€21) in 'Fling' for fair hair or 'Lingering' for darker hair to fill in your newly shaped brow.

6 of the best brightening beauty buys

Clarins Fix Make-up Face Mist, €28

After a long day our make-up can look tired and a bit patchy. To revitalise it rather than add more, spritz on this calming face mist, then use a foundation brush to blend under the eyes, around nose and mouth.

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eye pencil in 'Amber Haze', €25, Brown Thomas

Make-up artist Derrick Carberry introduced me to this gorgeous eye crayon. Draw on the lash line or all over the lid and blend with a firm blending brush.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani in 'Colour 101', €32, and MAC lip pencil in Boldly Bare, €17

I find it hard to find a nude lip colour that doesn't look washed out, but I may have found the perfect solution in this combination.

Pantene Pro V Repair and Protect Conditioner, €4.40

My long-standing favourite, go-to conditioner has added a naturally occurring amino acid, Histidine, to its formula to help with repairing and protecting the hair from inside the hair shaft. A grape-sized amount of this product is more than enough.

TIP: To add shine, after washing out your conditioner run a cold rinse over your hair until the hair is squeaky clean.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Dry Oil, €11.95

For a bronzed Brazilian goddess glow, check out founder Marissa Carter's social media for the ultimate tan beauty hack - she demonstrates how to use your 3D tan application to fake six-pack abs!

Karite Lavender and Shea Butter Handcream, €5.95, pharmacies nationwide

When I remember to use hand cream, I do love Shea Butter. Traditionally used in Africa on newborn babies' skin, this natural product is deeply nourishing and non sticky.

TIP: Massage in your handcream before putting rubber gloves on for housework. The heat from the gloves will open pores and inject hydration deep into the skin.

Celeb inspiration

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Why: Understated assets

How: Famous for her plump pout, I like that Angelina rarely wears a statement red lip. Instead, she chooses to accentuate her eyes and plays down her lips with a nude lipstick.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Why: Golden glow

How: JLo is the poster girl for dewy skin. This Latino lovely seems to literally shine. The 46-year-old gives women half her age a serious run for their money on the red carpet.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox

Why: Groomed brows

How: Megan’s make-up is always centred on a bold, strong brow. Her brow shape is uber defined and very symmetrical; lending her eyes and face a feline, glamorous appearance.

Make-up masterclass with Derrick Carberry

Paula Callan and Derrick Carberry

Derrick Carberry is a make-up artist with decades of experience. His Callanberry brush range - created with friend and fellow make-up artist Paula Callan, pictured above,  - has a huge fan base among models and actresses. Derrick will be a guest artist at Callan & Co - the new beauty salon Paula is opening soon in Dublin 4.

Your top 5 hero products?

Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze and Glow (€65). Flormar Triple Action mascara, (€9.95). NARS All Day Luminous Lightweight foundation (€41). MAC eye shadow in Cork (€16.50). Our Callanberry foundation brush No.17 (€35).

What skincare regime do you recommend?

Use Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover (€22), its Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs and its Toning Lotion with Chamomile. Ogra peat-based organic moisturiser is an amazing new Irish product that I'd also recommend.

What common mistakes do women make with their make-up?

I think the most common mistake women make is not getting the correct advice when choosing their make-up products, like not matching their foundation exactly to their skin tone.

What is your favorite tool of the trade?

My favourite make-up tool is our natural hair Callanberry foundation brush No.17. It's the perfect shape for blending any liquid or compact foundation.

Your top make-up tricks?

Use the correct brushes. This helps with the finish and staying power of all your make-up products.

Which make-up items should women invest in?

I think it's worth spending on really good mascara, foundation and contour products such as bronzers and highlighters.

What make-up look suits most women?

My favourite look is Hollywood glamour. The perfect golden goddess with beautiful glossy skin, a smokey eye and a red lip.

Who is your beauty muse?

Jennifer Lawrence, she always looks flawless on the red carpet.

Your top beauty advice?

My best piece of advice for any woman trying to achieve the perfect make-up look is to get unbiased advice from a professional make-up artist. Most artists do scheduled lessons, so you'll get a non-affiliated consultation - not the hard sell approach.

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