Tuesday 11 December 2018

Beauty: Hair we go!... the hair must-haves

This week, we are talking hero hair products and make-up must-haves with Triona McCarthy, our resident mane attraction

Mane attraction, Triona McCarthy.
Mane attraction, Triona McCarthy.

Triona McCarthy

This week, we are talking hero hair products and make-up must-haves with our resident mane attraction

Triona's trends

One of my mantras is: "what you've got, you've got to look after". So while I battle with my weight on a continuous basis, I am grateful that I have good hair, so I always look after it with 'good' hair-care products.

Kerastase shampoo and conditioner are favourites, and good old coconut oil from the health-food shop makes for a really inexpensive pleasant-smelling hair treatment.

My latest hair hero, though, is from a Japanese brand; it's the all-natural Root Vanish by Kazumi, in Black, below, €39, from Kazumi hair salon, see kazumihair.ie - no relation, they just stock it there!

This is kind of like YSL's Touche Eclat, but for your hair! It's an absolute life-saver when you need a colour job but just don't have the time, so a few clicks of colour with this product makes grey roots disappear. It also comes in Blonde, Light Brown, and Dark Brown shades. I apply it to dry or damp hair, and style as normal. Unlike sprays or powders this leaves no residue.

I also like to use those super absorbent hair-towel turbans like this Diva Darling Terry Hair Turban, above right, €13.50,

It absorbs moisture more quickly and thoroughly than an ordinary cotton towel, and dramatically reduces the time needed to blow-dry my hair.

Next, I spray on Matrix Flash Blow Dry Oil, €16.30, another real time-saver. The Moroccan-argan-oil blend leaves my hair so soft and smooth, while also reducing blow-drying time.

Finally, I'm McLovin those Invisibobbles, €4.99, the telephone-cord-shaped plastic rings that don't leave any marks in my hair if I tie it up. They don't break or damage it, and work by giving individual hairs more space within the ponytail, compared to the tight grip of an ordinary bobble.

Triona's tricks

I recently read research which revealed that red wine reduced the risk of cavities. Try saying that fast after a few glasses!

Appara, it's the grape-seed extract in the chemical compounds that kills bacteria as you drink. But beware!

Dry skin and red wine makes, em, nasty looking lip liner!


The whole 'caked in make-up' look, or 'cacamilised in make-up', as I call it, is sooo over now. Skin is really in. Remember Marc Jacobs sent all his models down the catwalk this season without a screed of make-up on them?

There's now more drama in having less make-up on!

Now, I'm not saying to go completely naked, but a little BB cream - see Cult Product, right - a bit of lip gloss and mascara, then fix your brows, and you've got the look.

This Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette, left, €39, from Clarins, is the perfect little palette for eyebrows. It contains three powders, a holding wax to set your brows, a luminous pink shadow to enhance your eyes, an eyebrow brush, and a mini tweezers.

Some mums do 'ave 'em

Please can we have a moment for the Guinot Age Summum Treatment, €92, a 90-minute anti-aging manual facial, with remarkable results?

It's the perfect treatment for a busy mum like me or Liberty Ross, right, as it's a deeply relaxing experience with a huge amount of massage and, I found, incredible anti-aging results.

Using the restorative and renewing synergy of pure vitamin C and powerful pro-collagen, the therapist doesn't leave the room and is working on your skin at all times.

Guinot skincare products and treatments are available from approximately 200 salons in Ireland.

To find your nearest salon, tel: (0818) 719 303.

Triona's most wanted

I'll never forget getting an email from my sister Tricia, who was having chemo at the time, with 'Last night I got shitfaced!' in the subject line.

It took a while for the accompanying photo to download, so my mind was racing, thinking what the hell had the drugs done to her, as she had never been one for the drink before.

Then I opened it, and in typical Tricia humour, there was a pic of her with a face mask on, which was the colour of poop, smeared all over her face! The pup!

We then got into the habit of sending each other photos of ourselves with face masks on, and this was over five years ago, long before #facemaskselfies became popular.

Tricia was always ahead of her time. Oils are so 2014, and serums so 2013. This year, the big beauty buzz is around masks, with models Tweeting and Instagraming pics of themselves wearing them and using the hashtag #facemaskselfie.

This Maskeraide All Nighter - Awaken, Replenish & Refresh Face Mask, below, €7, from Marks & Spencer, is great for the-morning-after-the-night-before, whether you were up all night studying, or out all night partying.

Peppermint Oil awakens the senses, the cooling effects helps de-puff the eyes, while Heartleaf, a powerful detoxifier refreshes the skin.

Cult product

Unlike Meghan Trainor, I'm all about that base, 'bout that base, with no trouble - such as the brand new L'Occitane Immortelle Precious BB Cream, right, €38, which is packed full of natural antioxidants, so it has no nasties and an SPF 30.

It's a newbie in the Immortelle range, which I'm already a big fan of, and now they've added this product, and a super Oil Make-up Remover, an Intense Cleansing Foam and a Precious Mist, too.

But back to the base. It feels really good on my skin, hydrating and nourishing, so it's a good one on weekends when we're out walking with the kids, and I need a little coverage and a decent SPF.

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