Sunday 25 March 2018

Beauty: Get Packing... for your holidays

You want to look nice on holiday, says Sarah Caden, but you don't need the entire contents of the bathroom cabinet

Pictured, from left, Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution; Redken Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force; Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Palette; Slim Sonic toothbrush; Olay Total Effects 7in1 Age Defying Wet Wipes
Pictured, from left, Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution; Redken Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force; Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Palette; Slim Sonic toothbrush; Olay Total Effects 7in1 Age Defying Wet Wipes

July, at last, and the mind turns to holidays. It doesn't necessarily matter if you have a holiday booked, or if that holiday is merely a wish for a weekend in Wexford, it's nice to have a break in mind. And a treat or two, to make a holiday all the sweeter. Whether it's a big treat or something small, a practical item or a bit of pretty impracticality, everyone likes to throw something new into the suitcase, and we have a few getaway gems for you today.

These days, it's all about packing light. Obviously, in a situation where it's a cabin-baggage break, you have to think about weight, but also about keeping your volumes under 100ml. And while one airport might let you through with a transparent bin liner full of 99ml products, the return airport might make you dump half of it. So, it's about being selective.

Think about what you really need, and try to remember that the last time you overpacked, you really didn't use the face masks, three-part contouring kit and heated rollers. It's a holiday from over-preening, as much as anything else. Holidays are about leaving the everyday complications behind, so pick up a getaway gem by all means, but keep it simple.

Best Overall

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution, €5.50, pharmacies nationwide

As the Bioderma people would be quick to tell you, they were the originators of micellar water, the cleansing solution that has fast become a beloved item. And, of course, they'd say they are the original and the best, despite so many other brands getting on board. Essentially, it's a magic mix of oil and water, that gently lifts make-up and dirt from the skin without suds or scrubbing. Brilliant for holidays, when sun cream, make-up and other grime can clog up the skin. "Such a handy travel size of a quality product," one panellist said. "It even tackled my waterproof mascara."

Best Frizz Friend

Redken Frizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force, €21.80, selected salons nationwide

If there's one thing that Irish holidaymakers know all about, it's frizz. There was no episode of Friends funnier to Irish women than the one where they went to Barbados and Monica's hair went wild. How we felt her pain - and that is why so many of us tend to take hair straighteners on holiday. This impressively calming styling product coats the hair lightly to repel the humidity that causes frizz, without making hair feel thick with product or unduly heavy. "Great, even on my fine hair," said a panellist. "Even my cow's lick behaved."

Best Colour Companion

Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Palette, €82, Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork

This is a thing of beauty, a complete luxury and a very limited-edition item. The Tom Ford summer palette, in its white-and-gold compact that resembles an old Hollywood cigarette case, is utterly gorgeous, with some shimmer, some matte, something for your cheeks and for your eyes. In colours that speak of sand and fading sunshine and sundowner cocktails."You wouldn't need much more by way of holiday make-up," said a panellist, "Just a bit of concealer and you're sorted."

Best Smile Saver

Slim Sonic toothbrush, €12.95, selected pharmacies nationwide

How many times have you wished for your electric toothbrush on holiday, even though you know it's too cumbersome to pack and too likely to go flat, mid-break? Well, wish no more, as this little star is small and sonic and AAA-battery charged. Magic. It comes in a range of patterns, if this psychedelic number is too 'Summer of Love' for you. "It's sad, but I always miss my toothbrush on holiday, and this is a terrific stand-in," one panellist said. "It gives the 'really clean' feel and no worries about recharging."

Best Quick Cleanse

Olay Total Effects 7in1 Age Defying Wet Wipes, €5.69, pharmacies nationwide

We have one thing to say about wipes: If you must. And, we know - sometimes you must. Given they're not liquid, wipes are a handy and tidy way to get cleanser into your luggage, and these are a decent example of a wipe. Gentle, non-irritating and utterly effective, they will never be a match for a proper cleanser, but go mad, you're on holiday. "I like the smell and I trust this range," said a panellist. "Reliable and gentle."


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