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‘All our dreams have come true’ – Rosanna Davison after birth of ‘miracle' twins


Rosanna Davison and Wesley Quirke and their new identical twins Hugo and Oscar

Rosanna Davison and Wesley Quirke and their new identical twins Hugo and Oscar

Rosanna Davison and Wesley Quirke and their new identical twins Hugo and Oscar

After suffering the pain of 14 pregnancy losses, Rosanna Davison told the Irish Independent that she’s “just bursting with happiness” after giving birth to her ‘miracle’ twin boys.

Unlike other celebrities, there was no hiding her beautiful boys away from the rest of the world until the ink had dried on an exclusive magazine deal for the former Miss World.

Instead, she shared a gorgeous photograph from her labour ward as she clutched the tiny pair on her chest, whom they have named Hugo and Oscar. They arrived into the world just days before her daughter Sophia turns one this Saturday, November 21.

Rosanna (37) gave birth to the pair in Holles Street maternity hospital yesterday morning and said in an Instagram post that herself and husband Wes Quirke couldn’t be any happier.

“Our beautiful and healthy identical twin baby boys, Hugo and Oscar, arrived safely into the world this morning and our hearts are bursting with love,” she wrote.

“Just like that, we’ve become a family of five and all our dreams have come true. We’re deeply grateful to the wonderful, hardworking team at the National Maternity hospital for all of their kindness and support.”

It will be a busy time for the celebrity couple, given that their little daughter Sophia will celebrate her milestone 1st birthday this weekend.

But it’s been a long road for the qualified nutritionist and author, given that she previously endured the heart-ache of 14 miscarriages.

Herself and Wes had been trying for a few years to start their family but every attempt just ended in disappointment for the couple.

She said that at one point, she even questioned her role as a woman.

In an interview on the Late Late show last year, she said it was a “lonely, traumatic experience when you feel like you're trying everything and nothing is working.”

“I couldn't do what my body was biologically designed to do, which is reproduce. There were a couple of times, and I suppose we look back and

laugh at them now, but a couple of times I tried to convince Wes to leave me and find another partner because he was dying for a baby,” she said.

Every time she was asked about when they were going to start a family, she felt like “dying inside” as behind-the-scenes, she was going through such an emotional ordeal.

Eventually, after going through a series of invasive tests with specialists both here and the UK in addition to a rake of reproductive-boosting treatments, she was diagnosed with a suspected auto-immune system condition.

Her doctor advised her that she could jeopardise her health by continuing to try and conceive and recommended gestational surrogacy as a better option. She welcomed in baby Sophia in a hospital in Ukraine on November 21, 2019 and said that watching her baby being born was “just the most surreal, terrifying, emotional, amazing experience.”

Then last July, she revealed that she and Wes had naturally conceived twin babies in a move that confounded her medics.

She said she hoped their astonishing story would offer some hope to couples struggling on their own fertility journey.

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