Sunday 15 September 2019

'A million pounds to sing at your birthday party? I’d rather do it for free' - Adele refuses endorsement deals

Adele also denied she was a 'recluse'
Adele also denied she was a 'recluse'

Sasha Brady

Adele reveals she's been asked to endorse a range of products for money but refuses to take up any of the offers.

The London girl is known for being a reluctant 'star' with a down-to-earth personality. It's been clear from the start that the singer is more interested in well... singing than any of the trappings of fame, despite how tempting they might be.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the 25-year-old admitted that she's refused to participate in endorsement deals, regardless of how much money she's been offered.

“What have I said ‘no’ to? Everything you can imagine,” she said.

“Literally every-fu****g-thing. Books, clothes, food ranges, drink ranges, fitness ranges… That’s probably the funniest. They wanted me to be the face of a car. Toys. Apps. Candles. It’s, like, I don’t want to endorse a line of nail varnishes, but thanks for asking.

"A million pounds to sing at your birthday party? I’d rather do it for free if I’m doing it, cheers…”

Endorsements are a way for celebrities to rake up large sums of cash on top of the earnings from their day jobs. Plenty of high-profile starts attach their names to big-name brands. Think Penelope Cruz and Lancome, George Clooney and Nespresso or any Instagram 'star' with a significant number of followers.

Adele said that when she reached a certain level of fame, money was "thrown" at her and it was difficult to resist the temptation.

“It’s very easy to give in to being famous. Because it’s charming. It’s powerful. It draws you in. Really, it’s harder work resisting it. But after a while I just refused to accept a life that was not real.”

However, the mother-of-one admits she overcame her hang-ups around the time her second album 21 was released.

“Like, becoming OK with having things done for you. Or – no – expecting things to be done for you. I’ve had a few moments like that. And it frightened me.

"I think it was something simple like running out of clean clothes. And me not having the initiative to wash my own clothes. I was annoyed that my clothes weren’t clean… Around the time of 21, when I was on top of the mountain. So I told myself I’d better abseil down. And go and do my fucking laundry.”

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