Saturday 21 September 2019

€45 for sticks? Customers twig lifestyle brand's weak point

Rustic: ‘Decorative branches’ for €45 with Anthropologie
Rustic: ‘Decorative branches’ for €45 with Anthropologie

Katie Morley

Global homeware brand Anthropologie has been mocked for selling sticks for £40 (€45) a bundle.

The retailer, renowned for selling expensive - but sometimes unnecessary items - claims the handful of birch twigs will add "rustic quality" to people looking for a country-style interior for their home.

Anthropologie's website reads: "If you're looking to bring a rustic quality to your home, then this bundle of birchwood is the perfect piece for you!"

The bundle contains 18 birch twigs at more than £2 (€2.26) per twig, leading to shoppers commenting they could go out for a walk and pick up some similar ones for nothing.

It is not the first time Anthropologie has been mocked for its obscure, verging on useless offerings, as it once became the butt of a joke on an episode of the popular cartoon 'Family Guy'.

In the episode it was portrayed as selling a ping pong table in the shape of Easter Island, as well as a telephone made of vintage phone book paper which doesn't make any calls.

Meanwhile, members of the public have taken to social media to mock the offering. Posting on Twitter, Gem Redmond-Mundy: "My garden's worth a fortune!"

And Barbara Harnisch posted: "A LOT of birch twiggy stuff is available. My neighbour had a couple of logs stood on end in a basket outside her front door. Had some fake flowers, too. I am far too obtuse to understand."

An Anthropologie spokesman said: "Our large (80cm) decorative branches are a lovely contemporary decoration for Christmas. Used with foliage real or faux they add drama into floral arrangements which some people choose to invest in over traditional trees.

"For the £40 you actually get over 20 branches.

"If you look anywhere on the high street for a Christmas branch at a florist a single twig is around £7.50 (€8.47), so this is not overpriced comparatively."

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