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You could save 3% on your electricity bills thanks to this smart plug


WeMo: what is it and does it work?

You’ve probably heard the buzz online for something called Nest, or perhaps, you’ve seen the latest TV ads for Hive. But what is all the hype about? Essentially, these are all connected home gadgets, and while that might sound very techy, you can actually dip your toe in making your home smart.

Martin Meany of Goos3D.ie takes a look at Belkin’s WeMo Insights Smart Plug, analysing why this might be the perfect first step towards automating your home. Watch the video above, and be sure to follow Goos3d for more tech and gaming reviews.

What is the WeMo Insights Smart Plug?

WeMo is a range of smart products designed by Belkin. While Belkin offer plenty of different devices, the Insights Smart Plug is arguably their most useful. Why?, you ask.

Once plugged in, you can use this smart plug to turn devices on or off from anywhere in the world. What's more is, you can also set a schedule, giving you peace of mind while you travel. 

Those features alone, however, wouldn’t be enough to earn the “insights” title for this gadget, so naturally, there’s more.

What’s This Insights Craic About?

You may have heard about the Irish Government’s plans to roll out smart meters to 2.3 million homes by 2024. This follows research in several countries which found participants saved up to 3%, simply by having greater insights into their energy usage.

Now, you know yourself, implementation of this plan could take a while, so what can we do in the meantime?

The WeMo Insights Smart Plug might be the perfect gadget to fill that gap. Along with providing you with remote control to any device you choose, these smart plugs can also report on your energy consumption.

So, for example. you could plug your Sky box or smart TV into the smart plug and see just how much money you waste by leaving these appliances in standby mode. Simple, but effective!

There Are No Limits

The WeMo app itself is pretty cool, but when you connect the app to IFTTT all hell breaks loose in the best possible way.

You can create rules based on a range of conditions to control appliances in the home. My own personal favourite is having a lamp in the sitting room turn on at sunset. By using this rule, rather than a set time, the lamp comes on when it’s needed most. Like magic.

These smart plugs are flexible and come at a very reasonable price. This makes the WeMo Insights Smart Plug the perfect starting point for your connected home. You can pick one up for €70 - €75 in Argos, Currys/PC World, Littlewoods Ireland or Amazon.co.uk.

Please note the views expressed in this article where that of the Goos3D Team. This is an honest review, and no payment was made to the reviewers. There are referral links included in the article above, so the authors may make a small amount if you choose to buy.


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