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Workplace Innovation Award 2022: Here's how to enter your business for Best Covid Response


A new category for the 2022 Property Industry Excellence Awards, it seeks to reward businesses that raised the bar during the pandemic.

Throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and organisations across the country have been creating new and innovative ways to support their staff and customers. This was certainly evident in the property sector, in terms of how people responded to the pandemic and enabled their respective businesses to adjust.

Fundamental aspects of operations, from simple communication with customers to essential training of staff, became a challenge. This challenge was met with innovation, and businesses of all sizes consistently stepped up to the plate. The pandemic has accelerated the changes in workplace spaces, allowing greater flexibility and promoting intra community expression in builds and settings.

As a way to reward those businesses who are setting new standards for others to follow, the Workplace Innovation Award has been added to this year’s KPMG Irish Independent Property Industry Excellence Awards. It is one of 11 categories at Ireland’s longest established property sector awards, which will see over 1,000 industry stakeholders attend the Gala Award Night in The Convention Centre Dublin on Thursday, 24 November.

To win this award, entrants must demonstrate how workplace innovation has supported staff, health and wellbeing during the pandemic. It could be an exemplary scheme, initiative or project that had a demonstrable and measurable positive impact for people’s lives, and collaboration with others is a core aspect of the entry criteria.

All projects that fit the criteria and were completed between December 2019 and December 2021 are eligible for entry. Showing a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) agenda, the winning organisation or individual will have made these efforts as part of a long-term vision that was communicated effectively to all relevant parties.

Entrants must also provide a detailed summary of why they think their business deserves to win the award and what made the response so effective. To find out more about what businesses meet the criteria or to enter the awards, visit the website here.

Speaking about the award, KPMG Ireland’s Partner and Head of Real Estate Jim Clery said: “Covid has accelerated a range of pre-existing trends in the real estate sector around health and wellbeing, flexibility and the drive for better space utilisation. Sustainability, smart buildings and the digital workplace are also reshaping our built environment.

“Taken together, these trends and developments will profoundly impact the kinds of workplaces likely to be needed in a post-pandemic world. We also wish to applaud those workplaces who have put in trojan efforts to support staff and occupiers in the past years, maybe it was a change to an office layout, or an initiative to enable mental support during long periods of isolation and ‘work from home.’

“Maybe it was a social distanced team event. Whichever, we want to hear from those who really innovated during the pandemic times.”

KPMG Irish Independent Property Industry Excellence Awards

This is the seventh year of the awards, making them the longest established property sector awards in Ireland. Endorsed by all stakeholders and professional bodies, its judging process and commercial structure help protect the awards’ integrity.

None of the categories are given a sponsor. Not only does this provide a sense of fairness for all entrants, but it also ensures the awards receive the full support of the property sector as a whole.

The awards also provide funding for vital academic-based research at Ph.D. level to help invest in the future. Profits from the awards programme are reinvested into the doctorate alongside patronage from Hibernia REIT, Cosgrave Developments, Linesight, and Irish Life Investment Managers.

Having commenced in September 2019, a doctorate titled “Developing a functional and sustainable housing system, a multi perspective approach” is also funded by the programme. Focusing on both supply and use-side theories on functionality and long-term sustainability, it seeks to capture major elements of what Ireland’s housing system should do to effectively meet the demands and challenges it faces.

“We had over 1,000 property industry people at our last in person awards in November 2019. I urge interested companies, people and organisations to have a look at our awards categories and see if there is an area where they would like to put forward their project or organisation for our review.

“Our judges panel is distinguished and our processes are impartial. Prior winners and shortlisted parties regularly mention to me how the validation of this programme has helped with the profile of their activities which has driven greater exposure for their businesses. We would be delighted to see your application this season,” Jim said.


If you would like to book a table at the awards, bookings can be made by contacting info@propertyexcellenceawards.com.

Have you responded to the challenges of the pandemic by finding innovative solutions that demonstrate what makes your organisation a better place to work or more appealing to customers? If you believe the efforts you have made throughout the Covid-19 pandemic had a positive impact, enter the Workplace Innovation Award here.