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Workplace glamour: Top tips for the perfect office-chic look

Rachael Taylor Fawsitt

The saying “less is more” can be applied when it comes to creating the perfect office-chic look. Being glamorous doesn’t have to mean six-inch heels and a faux fur jacket draped across your shoulders.

Keeping things stylish and elegant around the office not only makes you stand out, but it will also help you feel more confident and ready for the busy day ahead. Follow these simple tips and tricks to bring an air of glamour and sophistication to your day-to-day life.

Primping and preening

Presentation is key to any glam woman’s look, and for this we should start at the basics. Keeping hair neat and tidy is still one of the most important elements of any fashionista’s appearance. This doesn’t mean you must add an extra hour to your morning routine though. One useful tip for waking up with soft and ready-to-go hair is to sleep on a silk pillow at night. This reduces friction and helps to keep that messy bed head look under control – this look may be perfect for the beach, but it is not so good for the boardroom.

Take care of your skin - it’s your best accessory. Invest in a good moisturiser to keep it clear and supple. Also, remember that what you put into your body shows on your skin, so avoid too much junk food over the weekends, and bask in a healthy glow on Monday mornings. Taking a daily dose of Vitamin E is known to help promote healthy skin and is a powerful antioxidant. A clear complexion means having to wear less make up too.

If you do enjoy wearing make-up daily, just remember not to overdo it in the office. Save dark, sultry eye makeup for the weekend and opt for a natural look instead. Be sure to remove your makeup properly every night to avoid dull skin and premature ageing, and take special care removing any eye makeup. The skin around your eyes is super soft and doesn’t like to be pulled, so be gentle. Use proper eye makeup remover and give those beautiful peepers the love and care they deserve. They are the window to your soul after all!

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Depending on your job, you may be expected to wear heels. Heels are easily one of the simplest ways to glam up an outfit, yet nothing screams ‘unglamorous’ more than someone who is clearly in pain in their stilettos! So, make sure to invest in some heel cushions to make your day more comfortable. Keep a spare set in your bag for emergencies and give yourself (and your toes) a break whenever you can. A pair of simple black ballerina pumps will go with almost any outfit and are a girl’s best friend after a long day in high heels.

What you choose to wear around the office will totally depend on your work environment and culture. It is important to express your own style but you should also respect the setting you are in. Ripped jeans and crop tops generally don’t pass as acceptable office attire, so be sure to leave both at home Monday to Friday. If you like to stand out, do so using different textiles and fabrics. Incorporating some leather into an outfit can give it an edgy feel, while also being subtle enough for the office. Use patterns to spice up an otherwise minimalistic outfit, such as tartan or houndstooth.

Don’t be afraid of animal prints either. When used correctly, a little pop of animal print can really bring an outfit to life and be a great way to express your individual style. If you wear glasses, check out this fabulous leopard print pair by Karen Millen – the perfect fashion statement to finish off any office ensemble.


Finishing touches

No outfit is complete without a couple of well thought out accessories. You need a handbag that is large enough to hold all your bits – ie your laptop, diary, makeup etc - but you also want to avoid it being too bulky or heavy. Get in the habit of only packing the vitals and leave the rest at home – your back will thank you for it! A well-made bag should last you a couple of years, so investing in a good one for work is essential.

When you are out at meetings or visiting clients, be sure to have company stationary with you. If your company doesn’t supply that kind of thing, invest in a couple of nice pens and other stationary to take with you when you are out and about. This will finish off your overall presentation and look, giving you the ultimate air of professionalism.

And finally, be yourself. When you feel comfortable on the inside you are much more likely to ooze confidence on the outside. It is OK to express yourself, you can push the fashion boundaries without breaking the office rules. So, go with clothes, styles and looks that work best for you and enjoy being the glamorous lady that you are.

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