Monday 23 September 2019

Why you should ‘shop better’ this Christmas

A Christmas tree glistening with stacks of wrapped presents; Santa arriving with toys from children’s lists; opening the front door to friends and family laden with gifts – the season is here and it’s everyone's favourite time to give …

But what happens to all that packaging when the gifts are unwrapped?  Contrast the cosy festive scenes to two weeks later when Irish householders generate 74,000 tonnes of packaging waste and there’s the all-too familiar sight of overflowing post-Christmas bins all over the country. 

Are you interested in reducing waste and being a little more considerate and eco-friendly this season?

When the Christmas celebrations are over and families head outdoors for a bracing walk, it’s worth considering what to do now to help ensure that you can enjoy the environment without guilt.

While the scale of the environmental task might seem overwhelming, all it takes are a few tweaks to shopping habits to really play a part and make a big difference.

Retailers across the country from Tesco to IKEA, TK Maxx to Argos and Penneys and smaller local stores have come together to join Repak and these responsible business owners throughout Ireland are now helping to fund recycling.  Repak members are helping to pay for household recycling bins and local bottle banks.

Consumers are being urged to ‘shop better’ by choosing Repak members this Christmas to help recycling in Ireland. Repak is urging shoppers to visit to find the full list to help them to target the collection and recycling of 44,000 tonnes or around 59% of all household waste and packaging over the holiday period.


Have a Green Christmas

Repak now has over 2,000 member companies including restaurants, hotels, shops and many other businesses who produce packaging. These companies are committed to meeting their obligations to recycle their packaging and help pay for the collection of Ireland’s recycling bins.

Repak members have helped fund the recycling of over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste in Ireland since 1997 – the equivalent of over 300 million recycling bins! Repak members have invested €400 million to support the recovery and recycling of their used packaging over the last 20 years.


What are your recycling habits?

As a nation, Ireland is continuing to take strides in increasing packaging recycling rates and at this particular time of year people are being encouraged to look at their own household recycling habits. This year, Repak celebrates 20 years of recycling success in Ireland, which is largely due to the commitment of its 2,085 members.

This ongoing commitment has lifted Ireland from being one of the poorest performers to being ranked one of the highest in Europe in packaging recycling. By choosing to shop with a Repak member, Irish consumers are continuing to play a significant role in funding the recycling of hundreds of thousands of tonnes in used packaging each year.


“Shop Better” All Year Round

Seamus Clancy, CEO Repak points out: “The volume of gifts that are given in Irish households each Christmas creates a heavy influx of waste packaging to process each year. It will not come as a surprise to many that Christmas is also the busiest time of year for our recycling contract partners. To ease the levels of recycling from Irish households this Christmas, we’re asking people to shop better and purchase gifts from a Repak member. While research shows that Irish people buy presents aplenty at Christmas, by shopping with one of our members, people can feel assured that they are helping to protect the environment.”

This Christmas, when you Shop with a Repak Member, you’re supporting packaging recycling in Ireland and helping the environment. #ShopRepakMember


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