Wednesday 22 May 2019

Why we enjoy shopping


For some of us shopping is a weekly event, either to purchase the much-needed groceries or the delightful shop for clothes.

While not everyone enjoys shopping, there are things about shopping that even the most reluctant shopper can agree is fun.

All about spoiling someone

What better way to say thank you to someone than by finding something they will enjoy and getting it for them? It’s not about cost, it’s about caring thoughtfulness. We all have so many people who do wonderful things for us, when you find yourself wanting to treat them you’ll often be inclined to buy them something nice. The enjoyment of shopping for someone you care about is sublime.


Dr Kit Yarrow, author of Decoding the Consumer Mind says that buying usually involves relationships in one way or another. The motivation for almost everything we buy has something do to with connecting with other human beings. Even when it comes to practical purchases, the particular brand or product we choose relates to our connections with other humans beings. So perhaps this is another reason why we enjoy shopping.


Whatever you are shopping for, it can be a very relaxing experience. Indeed, Dr Yarrow says that in recent consumer reviews, shopping, particularly online shopping, is increasingly mentioned as a type of mini mental vacation. Window shopping is like a mental refresher, a break from real life planning. Add that that you can go shopping is an activity you can do with friends, which makes it even more fun.


There is definitely something to be said about the feeling of success when you tick everything off your list. Getting chores and messages done is greatly satisfying. If you are providing for your family, there is something special about knowing you have bought everything you need for the week.

All about you

Sometimes you should just treat yourself. When you allow yourself the luxury of just shopping for yourself, it’s just so enjoyable. You get to take your time, browse and enjoy the variety in the shops you visit. If you are a fashionista, you get to try new fashions, reinvent yourself and just express yourself in a new way. Or if you are hobbyist, you get to enjoy your hobby, bringing life back to your favourite thing to do. Or if you are a foodie, perhaps you will buy the ingredients for that new recipe you discovered. Whatever is your thing, shopping for yourself can be incredibly enjoyable.

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