Tuesday 20 February 2018

Which tea best suits your personality?


Are you the extroverted, life and soul of the party, or maybe you’re the strong and silent type? Whatever your personality, there’s a tea for you.

Traditionally we’ve brewed black tea by the potful, but how we consume our favourite hot drinks has changed in recent times. With coffee, we’ve seen the emergence of different coffee types and we are brewing barista style coffee at home with our Nespresso machines. Lipton is making tea exciting again with new Lipton tea capsules. allowing you to enjoy tea in a whole new way- just pop it into your Nespresso machine, press the button and your tea is ready. Five delicious variants are widely available throughout the country.

Not only is tea is a mult-sensorial experience but it says a lot about your personality. Take our quiz to find out what most suits your personality; Are you Sweet and generous, calm, or full of Zest? 

The blending of tea is a delicate art and Lipton mixologists combine high quality ingredients to create teas for all the moments of your day. Lipton also grow all their own tea on their own land and apply their expert knowledge to unleash the tea’s natural goodness. Check out imaginative tea-drinking experiences. Watch Daniella Moyles demonstrate how easy it is to use the Lipton tea capsules below.


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