Friday 24 November 2017

What’s the perfect age? All of them.

We recently asked 100 people what they most loved about their age. The resulting video will make you smile and realise there’s something to love about your age, no matter how old you are.

When we’re young and we’ve got our whole lives ahead of us, there’s the joy of the unknown. Growing pains and school days, endless summers and hours upon hours spent outdoors. Our parents are our whole world at this young age and we believe them to be perfect.

Then we face into adolescence, we’re seeing the vastness of the world and all its possibilities, we’re a little more independent and we yearn for more experience. First kisses and exams, discovering music and great books, sports and hobbies – there’s so much to enjoy, to taste for the first time.

Our twenties give us our first experience of life as fully grown adults. We fall in love and try long term relationships; we fail, we travel, we study and we work. There are the freedoms of adulthood, without the heavy responsibilities.

Our thirties are when we start to settle. We’re old enough to know who we are and not to pay attention to the opinions of others. We are experiencing the confidence that comes with living and it’s a very comfortable place to be. We may get married or buy a home, we may start a family, we are making a life for ourselves and it feels great.

The forties feel like your prime. We’re dedicated to our loved ones, our families, our careers and our passions and through these we express ourselves and learn the satisfaction of hard work and sacrifice and building the future.

Our fifties afford us more time to ourselves, we’ve done the heavy lifting of raising our families. Our children are old enough to relate to us in a mature way and we can start to share our experience with them as adults. It’s a great time to be alive as we also have more time for ourselves and our partners. Is there a more romantic time?

Our sixties give us a time when we’re financially sound, we may have paid off our mortgages so we’re in a position to help others and to do the things we've always wanted. Travel the world? Get the vintage car? So many possibilities.

Our seventies may see the arrival of grandchildren. We can enjoy the best of them without having to take full care of them. We have the time and the means to live just as we want to live.

Our eighties are an achievement. You can say and do as you please because the world respects you and your age.

If we make it to ninety, well we’ve a lot to be grateful for. We remember the world when it was a very different place and seen it change over the years. When we’re in our nineties we can take each day as it comes, happy in the knowledge that we’ve led full and happy lives.

After the letter from the President, you’re a celebrity if you’ve reached a hundred years old. Everyone wants to know you and you've given so much throughout your life. Maybe we’re reminded that life is for living one day at a time, to make the most of it, and love your age no matter what.

The above video of a Run Through the Ages was captured at the 'I Love My Age' event in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin in association with Yoplait. Bringing together Irish people age 1-100from all walks of life Yoplait asked people to describe what the love about being the age they’re at. There’s something to love about every age. Every year affords us new possibilities, new experiences, we are constantly growing and whatever age you are is the right age.


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