Wednesday 22 May 2019

What’s great about shopping in Ireland


Choosing where to spend your money is a personal thing. The retail experience is one that needs to be built on trust where the retailer gives you good advice, and clear guidance when you are deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

We all choose to shop differently at different times – we may choose a shop because of its brand name, location or convenience.  You may know what you want to buy, and you know the particular shop that can supply it or you may be looking to browse and decide what you want as you go.

But what makes shopping in Ireland special? Here is our list.

1. Variety of shops

Every main street in Ireland has a variety of shops. Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Even smaller towns have a variety of shops, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Irish people is clear when you see the different types of shops and stores that are open. Shopping local is such a wonderful experience, as you can often see the quirky personalities of Irish people shining through in their innovative retail ideas. It is also excellent to support local businesses to boost the economy.

2. Friendly retailers

Ireland is known around the world as a friendly nation. Indeed, we are welcomed with open arms in every country. This friendliness is found nationwide. As you push open the door to enter an establishment, you are often greeted by a friendly “How are ya?” and an obligatory comment on the weather. This friendliness means you can relax and enjoy the shopping experience. Service in Ireland is just great.

3. Convenience

Ireland is blessed to have many different types of shopping experiences. Some countries have prolific shopping malls, but no main streets. In Ireland, you have your pick. Should you choose to shop in a shopping centre, you can. If you wish to meander down your town’s main street, you can do that too. Some towns even have what is called an American-style “strip mall”, with all your shops in one place. This variety allows for to tailor your experience. Towns and cities in Ireland are thriving retail hubs, which means you can really explore the different areas at your leisure.

4. No hassling

The Irish keep a respectful distance. While friendliness is inherent in our behaviour towards shoppers, there is no hassle to buy. Retailers may offer help when you walk in, but after that you are left to browse and enjoy the shopping experience at your ease. Should you need help, they are ready to jump in and assist you, but only if you request it. In most places, there just isn’t any hassling.

5. Good value

There is always a bargain to be found, and while there isn’t a culture of haggling in Ireland (thank goodness, it’s far too stressful!), there are always good deals and sales on. Typically, sales would have been seasonal, and this is still the case on the continent or in the States to some extent. However, the Irish retailers take every opportunity to add discounts where they can. That, coupled with the numerous loyalty schemes you can sign up for, means you always get a good deal.

Retail Excellence Ireland has been celebrating what’s best in Irish retail for over 20 years. This year their Consumer Choice Award is open for public vote  - it’s your time to vote for the store who truly excels.

Below is our shortlist of winners which you can vote for or if you feel there is another store in your local town or village who deserves to be awarded you can nominate them instead. The closing date for voting for your favourite store is 11th October. Get voting, and be sure to share this with your friends and family so they can cast their vote too!

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