Sunday 18 March 2018

What would you do with a €13 million Lotto win?

Rachael Taylor Fawsitt

We hit the streets of Dublin to find out.

Vox popping, the art of catching people and getting them to answer questions on camera, is certainly not a task for the shy and retiring. So when the National Lottery needed someone to get out there and get the job done, it was no surprise they called on their brand ambassador, former Mr World and TV personality, Kamal Ibrahim.

We wanted to find out all the juicy details such as what they would splash their €13 million on, who they would spend it with and where they might go if they were tonight’s lucky winners.

Some said they didn’t know what they would spend it on, while others evidently had given the topic a lot of thought and had a long list ready to go! Special shout out to the guy who said “I would go straight to the airport but I wouldn’t bother bringing a suitcase”. When we asked him why, he simply said “Sure I wouldn’t know what I would need!” and I guess he is right – with €13 million in your back pocket who needs luggage?

We spoke to a German couple who are both living and studying in Dublin.

“I would buy a house here for sure, and spend my days hiking around Ireland” He said.

His girlfriend was not so quick to join him in the simple life however. “Yeah, you can go hiking and I will go shopping!” She teased.

When we asked people “What is the first thing you would buy for yourself?” some of the more lavish answers included:

“A yacht”

“I’d upgrade from a two bedroom house to a six bedroom house”

“An island”

“Cars! Cars! And more cars!”

“A penthouse in New York”

However, we also heard from the nostalgic side of people “I would buy a big house in County Clare, along the coast somewhere. That's where my father was from so I would love to get back to my roots.”

One woman pondered “What's the first thing I would buy myself? A diamond ring of course! And then I would buy a lovely villa in Portugal by the sea.” She laughed and said “It's only a couple of hours from Dublin so if my family want me they’ll know where I am.”

During the course of the afternoon we walked all over the inner city and spoke to nearly 40 people. We heard details of every type of dream, from buying houses in West Cork to owning a private island in the Bahamas. Whatever their dream was, talking about it definitely brought a smile to people’s faces.

We ran a quiz yesterday to find out "What kind of Lotto winner would you be?" Thousands of readers took the quiz and this are what the results look like so far:

Lotto quiz outcome.jpg


It's clear to see that from our random selection of the public we chatted with, the people of Ireland wouldn't be afraid to have a good time with their jackpot, with 'The pleasure seeker' being without doubt the most popular outcome!

 You can take the quiz here and see what kind of Lotto winner you would be.


Tonight’s Lotto jackpot is an estimated €13 million.

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