Friday 20 July 2018

What would you do if there were no rules?

As kids, the thing we crave most is freedom. We covet the freedom to stay up as late as we like, watch as much television as our eyes can handle, devour all the treats our stomachs can take and decide just how late we’ll stay in bed.

More often than not our adolescence is spent waiting for the freedoms of adulthood. The ability to travel, drive, work and socialise (unchaperoned) are at our fingertips but it’s only when we enter adulthood that we realise with these freedoms comes responsibility. We may finally be able to eat whatever we want but we very quickly learn what it means to both cook and do the dishes.

Family life is full of first moments, including all those first freedoms we spent so long waiting for.

But how do we define freedom? What was your fist freedom? What would you do and where would you go if there no rules? We asked Irish families to have their say and while the answers from the little ones mightn’t surprise you (think Disneyland, unlimited sweets and no school) they are both poignant and funny in equal measure. Here’s what freedom means to them…

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