Monday 23 September 2019

What is the perfect family car?

Do you have to sacrifice style and driveability for comfort and safety or can you still have it all?

Having children changes everything - the way you see the world, the way you spend your free time and the way you think about the future… Some of these changes are expected, the sleepless nights, the school runs, the financial planning… others are completely unexpected. Like the overwhelming, ceaseless stress of never having a minute to yourself, the constant bickering, or the way you feel your heart could swell to stopping when you see them playing on the bedroom floor and they don’t know you’re there.

Probably the biggest change is the change to your sense of self, you are expanded, bigger, and full of a multitude of comedies and tragedies, complexities and unbridled joys. It’s reflected in everything you do, your home becomes a family home, your holiday a family holiday, your car becomes a family car.

Your car could be the clearest manifestation of the change in your life. When you’re single or without a family, your car is an expression of yourself. It has everything you want; drivability, style, comfort and gadgets. Usually your family car has everything you need. Space, comfort and safety. Yet just as it’s unwise to lose your individual identity as a parent, as a driver, you shouldn’t let go of all the things you want in a family car.

You don’t have to choose between what you want and what you need. Why should you? Granted your needs are entirely different with a family car, you need more space, more seating, a bigger boot, safety and comfort are more important. But you also want driveability, you want high-end design, build quality and style will always be important no matter what car you drive. All these characteristics together describe the perfect family car. Does it exist? It might…

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, may be all things to all men and women in terms of a functional, spacious and stylish family car. With the outward styling and body-lines you would expect from the German automaker, it does not compromise on its road presence. However, it’s the built-in family functionality that sets the car in a league of its own. An extra row of seats stowed in the car’s spacious boot easily increases seating to seven, while the under-boot luggage compartment adds additional storage of up to 80 litres.

This kind of intelligent family functionality is integrated right the way through the car, from the multiple bottle and drink holders to oddment holders and storage units in the cockpit. If you’ve ever driven with kids you know how you can never have enough compartments for keys, smartphones, dummies, wallets, Transformers…

A contactless opening mechanism on the rear boot is handy as you struggle with shopping, buggies and toddlers. The panorama glass roof fills the interior with light during the day and grants a view of the stars at night. Is this the car that is most likely to keep the children quiet in the back seats?

As a BMW, it’s likely to keep the grown-ups in the front seats satisfied too. The TwinPower Turbo technology gives the new engines in the BMW EfficientDynamics engine range significantly more agile power delivery, as well as more spontaneous responsiveness even at low engine speeds. At the same time, they are efficient, with low emissions, low fuel consumption, great dynamics and increased driving pleasure.

The intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system adapts different road surface conditions, improving traction. xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) are to ensure that the BMW remains perfectly stable. Reduce fuel consumption, increase driving pleasure: with intelligent energy management from BMW EfficientDynamics, the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer gets more from every drop of fuel. More performance, more efficiency and more driving fun.

In our ever-more connected world it’s important that your car serves as a hub to the connected world. The optional ConnectedDrive Services can provide the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features while Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) provides the most up-to-date traffic information at all times.

Having a family is not only about making sacrifices, that’s what other people think. It’s about having it all. All you ever wanted and more, you just didn’t know it. And that’s what the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer delivers all you ever wanted in a family car and more.

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