Wednesday 18 September 2019

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Join the thousands of Irish farmers that log into HerdApp before they do anything else! HerdApp is like a farm secretary that gives you access to information immediately to enable you to make the right decision – making jobs easier.

With this in mind, ahead of the Ploughing Championships, AgriNet has announced a huge step forward in the way data can be viewed and recorded on HerdApp. Launching this week is a new Bulk Tank feature that allows farmers to input their milk data from their Co-Op and see graphs of their herd performance.

A new partnership with Lakeland Dairies and HerdApp means all milk tank data will feed directly into HerdApp automatically.

Within the Bulk Tank area, the farmer can view and monitor each collection of milk and at the end of each month, view their overall milk supply in graphs and lists that are user-friendly and easy to decipher.

This massively useful management tool will be available to all Lakeland customers as soon as it launches next week, with other Co-Ops coming on-board in the near future.

All milk recording data currently feeds through to HerdApp from the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) – so it won’t be just Lakeland suppliers who benefit from AgriNet’s innovative milk management tools. All farmers nationwide who milk record can view their milk recording data free of charge.

Another landmark innovation added to HerdApp by AgriNet is the ability to order tags from not one, but three tag companies.

● Cormac Tagging

● Mullinahone Co-Op

● Datamars

AgriNet aims to lighten the workload on farmers and these exciting new ventures with these companies means less paperwork and more constructive data when the farmer needs it.

Andrew O’Sullivan, a dairy farmer in Cork had this to say:

 “The app saves time during the busy calving period by allowing me to register calves in bulk at the click of a button. Approaching the dry period, especially this time of year, HerdApp aids me by giving a simple list of cows eligible for selective dry cow therapy, rather than manually picking them out from my milk recording results. It’s so easy to use and efficient with ample information at my fingertips.”

With this in mind, another very useful tool that will launch next week will be the one-of-a-kind Stock Reconciliation Report. For every farmer - beef or dairy - monitoring stock movements now has become an automatic feature on HerdApp. This includes:

● Births

● Deaths

● Movements – purchases and sales

● All current stocks

Any farmer that needs to report to management or accountants can now pull up all above figures at the touch of a button, with little to no work required. The farmer can instantly see numbers of calves born in a certain week, or how many left the holding in a certain month. Because HerdApp links directly with Animal Identification and Movement (AIM) and ICBF – this data automatically updates for the farmer.

PJ McGrath of Glenford Pedigrees says: “With HerdApp there is no more writing on your tag box and registering calves at 11pm. HerdApp allows you to get the job done in the time it normally takes to find the information. To be honest, sometimes HerdApp is like having another man in the yard.”

AgriNet continues to strive for perfection when it comes to data recording and monitoring for Irish Farmers and they are very excited about their new partnership ventures to ensure this perfection is continued. To celebrate this, and their 25th year in business, they have a number of offers at their ploughing stand at the Ploughing Championships 2019 (Stand 175 with Progressive Genetics) including AppScrappage. Come to the stand to find out more.

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