Friday 13 December 2019

What is Love? Here’s what Irish families think...

Who said romance is dead?

“I think I’ll be like an old cat lady who’s just .. like .. alone”

“Disgusting. Oh my God please stop kissing”.

Family life is full of firsts, including First Love, so what do Irish children think of it all?

Every family has their own unique make up, no matter what their circumstances and everyone has a particular opinion about the L-word.

Flowers, cards, chocolates, surprise proposals .. Ireland has a world-famous connection with Valentine's Day as couples from far flung destinations flock to visit the relics of Saint Valentine every year at Whitefriar Carmelite Church in Dublin.

What is love? Are your parents in love? What does love feel like? Vodafone Ireland asked Irish families to tell all.  From “butterflies in your stomach” to “helping out, doing stuff like cleaning”, here’s what they think ...

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