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What Every Woman Over 30 Needs to Know About… Skincare

Have you hit 30? Along with a great excuse for throwing the party of a lifetime, this decade can be a life-defining one.

Whatever approach you plan to take, these ten brilliantly significant years can be both inspiring and daunting. Whether you’re planning a round-the-world trip or climbing the corporate ladder, revelling in the party circuit or having children, it’s a good time to take stock of your skincare regime.

Life is non-stop for most 30 somethings, which can be stressful for skin and just like diet and fitness it’s important to get in to the habit of a good regime with the right targeted but easy-to-use products for daily care and smart prevention that will set you up for life. 

Here are 5 Facts that every woman over 30 needs to know about skincare:

1.  Swot Up On Skincare – Get a Serum

A little bit of science can go a long way when it comes to skincare.  Believe it or not but a good anti-ageing regime should start from the age of 25 and the focus now should be on the prevention of wrinkles, loss of firmness, radiance, uneven skin tone and visible pores.  Stress, hormonal imbalances, environmental factors and diet can all play their part in skin not looking its best. 

Look for a good serum – and more importantly a  Double Serum, such as Clarins Double Serum.  Why?   This product, based on 27 years of research is the latest discovery from Clarins research.  “This is our most potent anti-aging formulation to date”, says Nathalie Issachar, Clarins Head of R&D.

This pioneering concept combines two age-defying formulas in one and allows an innovative mix of 20 of the most powerful plant extracts to revitalise skin for a visibly firmer look, visibly reduced wrinkles, even skin tone and less visible pores.

Apply Double Serum in the morning and / or evening before your regular Clarins moisturiser.  Two pumps blended in the palm of your hand treat the entire face and neck.

2.  Know your ingredients and their benefits

Plant extracts are well known for their power and researchers are continuing to discover amazing properties that have transformative effects and using them in skincare.  Clarins uses the power of 20 plant extracts to work on each of the 5 vital skin functions:

Hydration. Burdock, Organic Marshmallow and Katafray Bark Extract boost skin hydration factors.  Wrinkle formation is slowed and skin comfort and softness improved.

Nutrition. Kiwi, Organic Perilla, Organic Macademia and Parsley extracts improve cells ability to convert nutrients into energy factor ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Lipid cement between cells is reinforced and suppleness and radiance restored.

Oxygenation. Extracts of Maritime Pine, Rosehip Oil and Arnica stimulate production of ATP.  Skin regains its healthy-looking glow.

Protection. Organic Green Tea, Pistachio Tree and Organic Oxydendron (Quinoa) extracts neutralise free radicals from environmental stress.  The skin’s barrier mechanism is strengthened.

Regeneration. Extracts of Organic Green Banana, Lemon Thyme, Avocado, Organic Oat Sugars, Hops and Bocoa Bark boost production of collagen and glycosaminogylycans.  Skin’s smoothness, firmness and density are all improved.

3. Read the Reviews

Beauty bloggers, dermatologists and high-fashion / beauty magazines are a great go-to guide when choosing the right skincare products – especially in your 30s, as many publications focus on this decade.  Read the reviews, listen to the experience of other women and keep an eye on dermatologically tested products that have been endorsed by the experts and are winning awards.  Clarins Double Serum was voted ‘Skincare Superstar’ by Grazia; ‘Best Anti-Ageing Serum’ at the Women’s Beauty Awards and by Harper’s Bazaar.  90% of women were convinced of its effectiveness after 7 days, in a satisfaction test.  Beauty expert and journalist Triona McCarthy described it as a ‘cult product’ and part of her all-star line-up.  “More than just a serum, this gives noticeably firmer, brighter, hydrated skin”.

4.  Brighten Up – And Be Sun Smart

It’s true – skin really does get a little duller when it comes to your thirties, as dead cells sit around a little longer.  This is the time to ensure that you are cleansing and moisturising your skin properly every day.  A regular gentle exfoliation is key here for a brighter look.  If you don’t already wear sun screen every day, this is the time to definitely start – the sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles and it’s much easier to prevent them now rather than trying to smooth them later. 

This goes for all the body – not just the face. A good eye cream and a day and night moisturiser are also essential at this point.  As we age, skin gets thinner, drier and more sensitive so products tailored for your 20s will not be as effective. The effectiveness of Double Serum on all signs of skin ageing has been confirmed by Clarins Evaluation and Research Centre in an unprecedented test programme of over 22 studies on over 400 women of various ages, various ethnicities and various skin types.

5.  Hydrate and Be Happy

Happiness is the key to a healthy complexion, along with hydration. Skin tissue is made up of 60% to 70% water which is indispensable when it comes to cellular vitality. Most Irish women still don’t drink enough water and dehydrated skin will only show more fine lines. Your skincare regime will work to best effect if you make sure to hydrate by drinking plenty of water – up to 8 glasses a day - and meet your nutritional needs.  Along with your 5-a-day, eating for ageless beauty should involve seeds and oil-rich fish for omega-3 fats.  Stress can really age skin, so getting in to a regime where you take time out for exercise is very helpful as you hit 30.  A good nights sleep is the biggest secret of all to healthy skin and aiming for 8 hours and getting to bed before 10 a few nights a week will really show results.

Starting a good skincare regime with the right high performing anti-ageing serum is one of the secrets to ageing gracefully and healthily and you’ll look like you’re turning 30 all over again for the next 5 years!

Get double the pleasure with a uniquely sensual texture. This effortlessly absorbed, silky, amber serum combines the comfort of cream with the lightness of gel.  Developed by a Japanese master perfumer, the uplifting fruity floral fragrance enhances the feeling of dewy-freshness on the skin. Clarins Double Serum (RRP 30ml €70, 50ml €90) is available at all Clarins stockists nationwide.


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