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What does it take to make an award-winning website?


Dean Ahern, Martin Meany and Jon Harrison of Goosed.ie at the V by Very Blog Awards 2017

Dean Ahern, Martin Meany and Jon Harrison of Goosed.ie at the V by Very Blog Awards 2017

Dean Ahern, Martin Meany and Jon Harrison of Goosed.ie at the V by Very Blog Awards 2017

Every year, the eir Spiders award the best websites, best activations and best use of the Internet by the Irish digital community.

The 4-man team behind Goosed.ie has come to prominence in a very short period of time (the site was founded in 2014). These tech obsessives give us a fresh take on tech and gadget reviews as well as all kinds of entertainment news. It’s an informative, entertaining site that has garnered a cult following in its relatively short lifespan and looks set for even greater things.

eir Spiders seems to think so too and they’ve given the lads the nod with a nomination in the category of Best Irish Blog, a much sought-after nomination considering they are one of only eight in the category.

Earlier this month, recognised the stellar work done by the Goos3D team and partnered with them to review smart device WeMo. Creators.ie is a site that finds the best blogs and best creative content from around the Irish web and shares that content in a way that is easy to consume. It identifies the rising stars of Irish blogging and shines a light on some of the amazing work done by Irish bloggers.

But what is it that makes a great site? A great blog?

Be clear about your mission

It took some time, but today Goosed.ie are clear about their mission: To empower the nation when it comes to technology and gadgets. Their humorous approach to content has earned them a highly engaged audience, many of whom look to Goosed.ie for practical advice.

It’s simple but Goosed has a clear agenda and everything they do on their site comes back to empowering people to try new gadgets while being insightful, fun and light-hearted

Their content strategy revolves around this. And having a clear mission and a clear strategy enables you to grow a strong community.

Be relevant

The writers at Goosed.ie work closely with Irish businesses who are creating gadgets and devices.

For example, Goosed.ie worked with Cork-based Firemole, a clever device that alerts people when their chargers are overheating. When Goosed founder, Martin Meany, saw the gadget, he knew straight away this could be the new smoke alarm, installed in every home in the country. He got in touch with Firemole and worked closely with them to create both written and video content which boosted Firemole in a huge way. Goosed’s content helped get the word out about the new startup, as well as informing the public on how it works but also attracted early revenue through sales for the company.

Is this a core principle to creating an award-winning site, or indeed, content strategy?

We spoke to Martin and here’s what he said.

“There’s no overnight formula for creating a site that people like. Gathering a following takes time and tapping into what the public likes takes even longer. Being honest, that job is never done.

You always need to be curious about what people are typing into Google when they’re looking for a solution to a problem. With that question, you can start plotting answers and this forms the foundation for the whole lot. The questions people ask is the key.”

Goosed have gone from strength to strength, working with other Irish startups like Invizbox and Bamboo, both of whom are part of Google’s Adopt a Startup Company. Goosed.ie has also teamed up with WeMo, a smart plug, Marvin.ie (yum), iKydz and heavy hitters Sony to bring tech to the masses.

Be beautiful

Just one look at the design and layout of their site, and it’s clear. Bold, beautiful design has made it easy to find content, get in touch and engage. After all, when you visit a site, you are visiting 'an experience'. It doesn’t take a huge budget to make a site that’s pleasing on the eye. All it takes is time and care.

Will they win?

There is strong competition for the category. Goosed.ie are up against CoreHR and B2B Blogging Excellence, OnTheQt.ie, Foodoppi, Engage content, Taxback.com blog, The Mammy Blog and Get Ahead of the Pack with Content Marketing for the Best in Blogging Award (sponsored by Irish Life Health).

See the full shortlist for all categories here.

Keen to find out more about Goosed.ie? Follow them here, here and here.

What is Creators.ie?

Creators.ie will be an aggregation site for amazing blogs and creative content. Sign up for their newsletter here to find out when they will launch.

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