Monday 19 February 2018

We’ve got the best beef in the world. So why would you add anything to it?

You might be surprised to hear that McDonalds uses 100% Irish beef in their Irish restaurants and in fact one in five of all their burgers sold in Europe are of Irish origin. Which is good for Irish farming and good for the customer too.

Ray Dempsey is a beef farmer from Coolderry in Co. Offaly and his farm is one of only five flagship McDonalds farms in Europe. Ray’s beef is all Bord Bia Quality Assured, produced to the highest sustainable standards and fully traceable back to the farm.

Irish beef is subject to the highest regulations and when beef bears the Bord Bia Quality Assured mark it means that the farm has been independently verified as conforming to those very high standards. You wouldn’t dream of buying meat products from a supermarket without the Bord Bia QA mark, so it’s reassuring to know that every burger you buy in a McDonalds restaurant in Ireland has that mark.

We’re very proud of our beef in this country, and rightly so. McDonalds understands the importance of working with the farmers to ensure the standards remain high and the reputation of Irish beef farmers remains high both at home and abroad.

Irish beef cattle
Irish beef cattle

Ray Dempsey has been working with Dawn Meats in excess of 20 years to supply McDonalds with cold cuts of beef that is sustainable and fully traceable to the farm. That’s a successful and enduring business relationship that is built on mutual respect and a desire to serve the consumer with the very best Irish farming can produce.


McDonalds are underlining the quality of their 100% Irish beef to coincide witht he launch of thie McMor burger. There are now 89 McDonald’s restaurants in operation in Ireland, with a total workforce of more than 4,800. McDonald’s was first established in Ireland in 1977. All McDonald’s beef, bacon, milk, cheese, water and eggs are 100% Irish. McDonald’s Europe is the single largest purchaser of Irish beef by volume and one in every five hamburgers sold in McDonald’s across Europe every year is of Irish origin. The company also exports Irish dairy produce, bacon and eggs into the McDonald’s system internationally.


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