Tuesday 23 January 2018

Week 2: The group are feeling healthier on their #MyQuitJourney

Sasha Kinch

It’s two weeks in and Dave, John, Emma and Alice have been working hard at quitting.

For some, it has been a tough road, but rewarding, and for others, it has actually be easier than they anticipated.

There is an overriding feeling of feeling better, David is finding he can run further and is enjoying his training as part of his job in the Defence Forces. And Alice has done something she would never have done before, and joined a gym. John is enjoying his strength of mind, and is continuing is Tae Kwon Do training with gusto. Emma is happy that she is gradually weaning herself off the cigarettes, having removed a few key cigarette moments from her day.

All in all, the group are happy to have the support of each other in this process and are positive about the future.

Watch the video here:

We met them a few weeks ago to find out who they were, and what their motivations were. Read more here.

Are you thinking of quitting, or do you know someone who is keen to quit? Why not join David, Emma, Alice and John in their journey. Follow #MyQuitJourney on Twitter, and join in on the conversation to encourage the group.



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