Sunday 16 June 2019

WATCH: What’s it like to be broken into?

It’s a well-known fact that home burglaries increase significantly over the Christmas period.

Unfortunately many of us have been affected in some way by a break in or a burglary of some description. It’s always a traumatic event but when it happens at Christmas it can feel even worse. We hit the streets of Dublin to find out what it’s like to be broken into…

Christmas is a time for giving and for believing in the best of your fellow man, but the truth is, home burglaries do increase at this time of year. The fact that many of our houses are full of new gifts at Christmas time combined by the fact that we are dashing around making last minute preparations means our homes are increasingly vulnerable.

Many of us travel over the Christmas time, which leaves our homes at the mercy of unscrupulous thieves. The best protection you can have against the devastation of a home burglary at Christmas, and all year round is to have adequate home security together and home insurance cover.

Allianz has been operating in Ireland for over a hundred years and one of their main products is home insurance which can cover both homes and their contents. We all know that life is busy at this time of the year. Allianz give customers additional contents cover over the festive period to protect the extra gifts and products that they’ll have in their homes.

While home insurance is one of the steps to protecting your home over Christmas, here are some other things you can do to deter thieves.


1. Set your alarm, you’d be surprised how many of us don’t use the alarms we have fitted on our homes as often as we should. Make sure you set the alarm when you’re there and when you go out, no matter for how long.

2. Leave Lights on – if you do go out or away over Christmas, leave lights on in your house. Nothing advertises your home to burglars more than a completely dark house. So get a few timers and plug in a few lamps strategically placed about the house. Light up when you leave, you could save yourself the heartbreak of returning to a trashed home after you travel.

3. Don’t leave presents under the tree when you’re not there. If thieves enter, they’ll go straight to the tree to see what easy pickings they can get away with. Hide any valuable presents well, where you would not expect to find them.

4. Don’t run outdoor fairy light cords through windows or doors. They can make them easy to force open and thieves will know exactly what to look out for. Unplug them when you’re not there and secure all windows and doors properly.

5. Don’t broadcast the fact that you’ll be way over Christmas or New Years. It can be tempting to post a picture of a glass of Champagne at the airport but this could be just the sign a burglar needs to target your house.

6. Don’t leave valuable gifts in the boot of your car and be careful when unloading them into the house.



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