Wednesday 18 July 2018

Watch these basic safety checks to help keep your vehicle running safely between services

Here’s how to check your tyres to ensure they’re safe.

Your tyres are your car’s only contact with the road, here’s how to look out for signs they may not be safe.

Worn, damaged or inferior quality tyres on your car can be dangerous. Watch out for dangerous defects like sidewall tears, bulges, penetration damage, exposed layers or steel wires. These indicate that a tyre has reached the end of its useful life and is a potential safety risk.

If you need a new tyre, make sure it’s good quality and always ask the retailer to explain its performance rating. Most new tyres have performance labels that indicate wet grip and fuel efficiency. They provide a performance rating from A to G, the RSA recommends that you buy as close to the A rating as possible. Research has shown that over 20% of young adults choose second hand or part worn tyres. The RSA does not recommend you buy part worn tyres. Their history is unknown and they make not have been quality checked, which could be dangerous for you.

In this series of videos by the Road Safety Authority, Motoring journalist Geraldine Herbert discusses a range of checks that you should do regularly to keep your car roadworthy between services and therefore, safe for you and your family.

These videos include information on how to check your tyres, engine oil, lights and much more. This video series can be found on the RSA Youtube page and further detail on these checks can be found in our 12 checks booklet here.

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Check your tyres for signs of wear and tear

Safety on our roads is everyone’s responsibility. Sometimes we can forget that when we get behind the wheel, we’re taking a risk. Cars are powerful machines and no matter how good a driver you are or how good the roads are, sometimes they can let us down.

Therefore we have to do all we can to ensure our cars are in the best condition and that we get to our destinations safely and to do this, we must take simple steps to maintain them between services.

Irish Road Safety Week from Monday 2 to Sunday 8 October 2017.

This year, Irish Road Safety Week (IRSW) will be taking place from Monday 2 October to Sunday 8 October with lots of road safety activities planned nationwide. Find out more here.


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