Tuesday 17 September 2019

Up the walls: The latest colour trends to give your home a new lease of life

Spring is in the air so there’s no better time to breath new life into your home and give it a much-needed facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

Choosing the right colours can be a challenge so we talked to an expert to find out about the latest colour trends in 2019. Catherine Ruane, a colour consultant with Fleetwood Paints, sat down with us to talk about the move towards warmer colours, the evolution of the grey trend and how to choose the right look for your home.

Warm, earthy tones are big in 2019

Grey has been one of the biggest colour trends in recent times but there has been a shift towards more colour and softer tones. Homeowners are now swapping shades of grey for a warmer look.

“2019 is bringing in more warm, earthy hues,” says Catherine. “We’re seeing more inviting shades of creams, beiges and taupes as well as blush, dusty pink and bronze.

“Grey is on the decline but don’t get me wrong - it’s not going to go out of style. Grey is a neutral colour. It will never go out of fashion. But people have found over time that it takes a lot more work to give that inviting feel to a home with greys and a lot more accessories to make it a little bit warmer.”

Greys can also be strongly affected by the ambient light, daylight or task lighting. For anyone giving their home a DIY makeover, this can make it more difficult to get the finish they are looking for.


“We seem to be going back into warmer, more earthy hues and autumnal colours – we’ll see oranges, yellows, corals and pinks,” explains Catherine.

“They’re also being used with the greys to bring a pop of colour to a room. With the warmer tones, it almost looks finished - even without any pictures being hung - because it already feels cosy.”

The type of greys that people are using in their homes are also evolving and changing.

“Grey itself is being replaced with greige. As the name implies, it’s between a grey and a beige. Overall, we’re looking at warmer shades of colour for 2019.”

Inject a bit of colour for contrast

The move towards warmer colours doesn’t mean that strong colours are completely off the table. They can still be used to make a statement or to compliment the latest line in trending colours.

“We still have strong colours coming up in accent walls. One of the big colours this year is Indigo Batik, which is a beautiful colour.


“You also have the teals coming back in and one colour that’s come on big time is Pine Needle, which is banana leaf green. It’s beautiful with tan colours.”

Homeowners are moving away from a more clinical Scandinavian feel and embracing comfort and cosiness.

“It’s kind of going back a little bit to the 1970s by bringing in tans and that kind of retro style as well. There’s quite a mixture. The main thing that’s gone is the minimalistic look. That’s gone. People are looking for a more classic, homely, warm feel rather than that bare, minimalistic look.”

Choosing the right trends for your home

It’s good to know what’s on trend but you also need to tailor your choices for your home.

“You really have to look at the type of house you have,” says Catherine. “You don’t go with trends all the time. It’s the age of your house and the style of your house that will dictate what type of colour scheme you can go for, within reason.”

That’s not to say that you can’t introduce new trends into older houses but it’s important to consider how the light, space, function and style of the house will work with different colours or trends. Some trends are more timeless than others, like the current move towards introducing painted architraves around windows.


Some trending colours won’t necessarily work in older homes with a lot of wood surfaces. Catherine points out that pine was a big trend about 10 years ago but its tendency to discolour or darken means that it doesn’t necessarily work well with grey, greige or taupe.

“If you have wooden flooring and architraves, you don’t have as much scope with the colours as if you have a white or an off-white. The white or off-white gives definition to any colour whereas the wood can pull out the yellow or brown in a colour.”

One solution is to paint or stain the wood to produce a finish that will better compliment modern colours.

“The trend at the moment is for the architraves and flooring to be done in a white or an off-white and your doors then will be the only wood,” explains Catherine.

What’s seldom is wonderful and reducing the ratio of wooden surfaces on display can actually make the remaining wood really pop.

“With this new trend, where the architraves and the skirtings are done in an off-white paint, oak or walnut doors look so elegant and smart because it’s just not overdone. It’s that little bit there and it’s showing off the wood at its best.”

Using colours to bring out the personality of your home

The important thing when painting your house is to work out what you want, what trends compliment the style of your house and what will introduce a nice flow through your home. Think about how you use the space, how the light will affect the colours that you choose and what result you want to achieve.

Catherine says that painting faux pas are most likely to happen if you make colour choices without having a clear plan of what you want the finished product to look like.

“Decorating a room is almost like a jigsaw and if you don’t have the final picture in your head, that’s where mistakes happen,” she adds.

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