Monday 20 November 2017

Until Next Time: Valerie in Auckland talks to her mum in Kilkenny

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Living abroad has its challenges. ‘Until Next Time’ was a series of email conversations between loved ones living in different parts of the world. In this final instalment, Vhi International customer, Valerie in Auckland catches up with her mam in Kilkenny...

Hey Mam,

How are you? Sorry I haven’t had a chance to call you for a while, my phone hasn’t been working, so I thought I would pop you an email across to say hi and send you all of my news.

How’s everything back home? Hard to believe it has been a whole year since we were back for the Rugby World Cup. Time is flying. Work is keeping me busy and out of trouble! Still can’t quite believe I can make it through a whole day’s work, come in and bring the dog for a walk, without my back playing up; a whole new lease of life. Thank goodness I had Vhi International cover. It made such a difference! As you know, it meant I had one of the best surgeons in the country. It was just very easy. There’s no stopping me now!

We have just ran out of Ballymaloe relish and purple snacks! With Christmas around the corner, I’d never say no to a refill…

We are heading over to Waiheke Island (an island just off of Auckland). Amazing wine, so looking forward to relaxing in the sun and recharging my batteries for another crazy year ahead. British and Irish Lions are coming here in June next year so it is going to be a busy one.

Looking forward to watching the All Blacks play Ireland on home ground in November. I’ll be shouting at my TV here!

We’re still on the search for a house. Auckland has become insanely expensive. The average price of a house here reached a million dollars last week. At this rate we won’t be getting on the property ladder anytime soon, but we’re not in any rush. How is the economy back home? A few friends of mine are starting to move back which I can only take as a sign that things are on the way back in Ireland. Very exciting.

We won’t be following them just yet, as you know. New Zealand is home for the moment. We actually celebrated 7 years in New Zealand on Wednesday. Never thought we would be away for as long, but things are just going so well for us here and the fact that you can visit us now and then makes the world of a difference. Speaking of which, when are you coming over to visit again? Let’s start planning and we will have something to look forward to.

I have to run Mam, but I will give you a call once I get my phone back up and running and we can start putting a plan in place for your next visit.

Love you to bits Mam. You’re one in a million. Miss you each day and wish I could throw my arms around you and give you a massive hug.

Love from your baby girl, Val Xx

Hi Valerie

Great to get your email. Seven years, it’s gone so fast. I miss your cheeky smile and being able to give you a squeeze. I accept you do need to do exciting, monumental and career-driven things, all of which are great benefit to your personal development. It doesn’t make it any easier but I must let you go and get on with developing your life as you see fit. It is encouraging me to spend time focusing on myself and my life as a result too. We have accepted and worked out how to manage the distance as best we can.

It’s so great that you had Vhi International cover, what a difference that made! I am delighted to hear that you are feeling so much better.

Talking about your house hunting just reminded me of how things have changed here and how the Irish economy still has positives and negatives to it, like everywhere in the world I suppose, but it’s developed into one of the world’s most sophisticated hubs.

Have you been on to any of your sisters or brother lately? Loved my time over in London with Ciara, we had a great few days. How was your visit to Sydney seeing your other sister?

I will have to have a think about my next visit over to see you. I’m balancing golf and photography classes now so it’s keeping me busy. All this time on my hands since retiring! We can have a chat about it next time you call. I do see why you’re so happy over there; I know, I really enjoy visiting. It’s a beautiful country and it helps that they speak the same language and drive on the same side of the road; this makes the transition from one home to another easier.

Behave over there and look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Love you always


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