Wednesday 13 December 2017

Until Next Time: Simone in Dublin to her friend Fodhla in Sydney

Simone and Fodhla
Simone and Fodhla

‘Until Next Time’ is a series of email conversations between loved ones living in different parts of the world. One long distant friendship, very different lives.

Hey Fodhla,

How is Sydney? It has been glorious here recently, so for once I am able to gloat over the weather and not be jealous of your climate. I’ve finally moved into the new apartment, five months of looking so I’m just glad it’s over. Something had to go wrong, of course - it is me; what do you expect?! 6.30pm Friday, myself and Mark, arms full of boxes, bags and luggage locked out of the apartment when we arrive - our key doesn’t work. Cue three hours later with us, an embarrassed landlord and a locksmith. It turned out the cleaners left the latch on so our key wouldn’t turn. It was hilarious. Something always has to go awry though, or else it’s not life.

I received the postcard from your holiday in Japan, I can’t believe the photos from the cat café, I’m extremely jealous! I’ll make sure to send one from my upcoming US road trip, maybe one with the Hollywood sign? I’ll keep it as a surprise anyway.

Have you seen that Pokémon has made a comeback?! It’s gone mainstream! Doesn’t that remind you of summers when we were both 10, with me begging to trade my rollerblades for a go on your Gameboy? Do you remember that for years you had that giant jar of Jolly Ranchers from America in your room that would be refilled on a constant basis? I’m sure that you only had it for a couple of weeks, but in the haze of nostalgia I remember it being there at all times.

Are you home for Christmas this year or not? It would be excellent if you could make it, it has been years since you have been home for Christmas. I already know your answer is going to be “well Simone flights go both ways” – ha ha, I can already hear your voice! I’m looking at holidays next year, and perhaps Australia is on the cards. Maybe. No promises… I was telling the story of your surprise visit to me in work the other day. It’s probably the greatest shock I have experienced. I don’t know how everyone managed to keep straight faces for weeks and not tell me! I was so confused seeing you there, just standing in my kitchen, but so happy too. It took a while for me to react.

What a great surprise; two years of not seeing each other and you surprise me in my kitchen! I’m still thinking of ways to get you back… maybe I’'l turn up in Sydney one day.

Let me know how your Mum and Dad are, I haven’t seen them in ages. I hope work life and actual life are going well. I miss you and fingers crossed I’ll be seeing you soon, even if it is to shock and surprise me in my kitchen again!!




Hi Simone,

Thanks for your email, as always it’s lovely to hear from you! I’m happy to hear you got some sunny weather, even though I know that winter is your favourite season really. Not to rub it in but today is rumoured to be the hottest July day on record in Sydney (25 degrees in the middle of winter!).

I’m glad the postcard made it from Tokyo, I had such a great time there. The city is so clean, the people are extremely friendly and the food was really incredible. A definite perk of living in Sydney is how cheap and easy it is to get to Asia. Maybe we should just aim to meet there instead?

I can’t quite believe I have been in Oz for so long, but don’t worry I’m not losing any of my Irish roots - I still love Golden Crisps and found myself in the Irish bar in Bondi Junction a few weeks ago cheering on the boys in green against Belgium in the early hours of the morning.

Did I tell you that I ran my first half marathon a few weeks ago? It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever completed but the sense of achievement at the end was something I won’t forget in a hurry (did I mention I did it in 1 hour 56 minutes?!). Now that is over, I am very much looking forward to summer arriving so the evenings will be brighter, the days hotter and the BBQs and summer drinks plentiful.

I am planning a trip home in October as it is Maeve’s wedding and it will have been over a year since I surprised you in your kitchen. I can’t believe my friends are getting married, it seems like not that long ago we were rollerblading, having water fights and playing pogs in the front garden. I enjoyed you reminding me of my Jolly Rancher jar, you’ll be happy to know I am still a hoarder and my bedroom in Bondi is filled with memorabilia from my travels!

Hope your family are all good too, I’ll pass on your love to mine and I know they would love to see you too. Maybe we can all catch up for dinner when I am next home?

Good luck in the new house with Mark and I look forward to the day you are waiting to surprise me in Bondi!

Miss you lots and see you soon,


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