Tuesday 20 March 2018

Until Next Time: Gill in Dublin to her brother Joe in Brisbane

Joe and Gill
Joe and Gill
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‘Until Next Time’ is a series of email conversations between loved ones living in different parts of the world. Same family, very different lives.

Gill Verrecchia misses her little brother Joe, who now lives Brisbane, Australia.

Hey Joe,

How’s it going? Not long before the big trip home. We’re all so excited to see you, and Maria just can’t wait for you to meet Astrid. She’s only a few weeks old but is just so alert and starting to smile and react to everything! It’s funny how a new addition to the family can bring so much happiness. Mam and Dad have taken to their new role of grandparents like ducks to water. Dad takes her around the park almost every day for a walk. The dog isn’t getting a look in anymore.

Jonas’ 30th birthday is coming up soon, so it’ll be the first time Maria and Jonas have a night out away from the baby. Mam is only delighted to have the baby all to herself!

We’re looking at planning a family trip when you get back to celebrate the arrival of baby Astrid but also Mam and Dad’s 40th Wedding Anniversary. So I’ll keep you posted on plans for that. Dad is dying to get out fishing with you, so a trip to Wexford is on the cards for sure.

How are you getting on in Brisbane? How is work going? It must be coming into winter now for you? We’ve had a couple of weeks of great weather which was amazing. Was up in Glendalough one of the days and did a good walk up to the lake. I was very tempted to get in for a swim!

The Euros have been great, the Irish fans did us proud in France. Were you up at all hours trying to catch the Irish matches? Are you watching any new TV series at the minute? I’ve been watching the new Game of Thrones season. It’s amazing.

It’ll be much harder this time round when you leave to go back to Australia. Could you see yourself move back anytime soon? I know there are lots of great benefits to living in Australia but we all miss you so much!

I better get going, but let’s try Skype before your departure date. I’ll pick you up from the airport so just send on your flight details.

Love you loads kid,

Gill xx


Hey Sis,

Great to hear from you. I cannot wait for the trip back and thanks for the offer of a lift. No big banners or cheering when I come through arrivals thanks! Mam promised Superquinn sausages for breakfast when I arrive in, so you might remind her.

How is Astrid? Looks like she is getting so big now. Cannot wait to meet her. I can imagine how delighted Mam and Dad are. Sure they’ve been only dying for a grandchild for the past few years. They can finally have granny and grandad chats with their friends! I’ll be back in time for Jonas’ birthday which is great. I look forward to joining the celebrations.

It’ll be a packed few weeks that I’m back for but want to spend as much time as possible with the family. It’s the one thing that I miss the most about being so far from home. You can get almost anything else you could possibly want (even a pack of King Crisps!) here but a Skype call with family couldn’t beat seeing everyone in person.

Family trip sounds like a great idea to celebrate Mam and Dad’s anniversary. Forty years! That’s a big one. Would love to do a really good hike with you when I get back. Glendalough would be ideal – especially if the weather is good.

Life in Brisbane is good. Work is going well and is really busy at the minute. Very early start every morning (5am) but I finish at 2pm and have the rest of the day to go for a run or meet friends. Went to see “TV on the Radio” recently with Lynsey (our cousin). They were great live. Gigs can be really expensive here and you don’t realise how spoilt you are with the choice of gigs and festivals to go to all the time back home.

I miss you all loads too. It’s the little things like catching up with friends over a pint, or chats over family dinner that I miss. We’ll definitely make the most of the time I have at home.

Not sure if Mam was telling you but I got bitten by a spider a few weeks ago. Didn’t realise it was so serious until I went to the doctor, who immediately sent me to the hospital. The care was great and it was amazing how they knew immediately that it was a spider bite. I’m fine now though.

I would definitely move home if the work opportunities were there. I hear construction work has increased which is a great sign. You never know, I could be home sooner than you think.

I’ve also been watching Game of Thrones and loving the new series!!

How are you fixed for a Skype call on Saturday? I’ll email you on my flight details.

See you soon!

Love, Joe xx

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Amy and her mam

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