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Until Next Time: Briany in Texas to Frank in Waterford

Briany and his Dad
Briany and his Dad
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‘Until Next Time’ is a series of email conversations between loved ones living in different parts of the world. A few weeks ago, Briany told his dad he was coming home for a visit.

Howya Dad!

Hope things are well over there. We are all getting set for baby number two arriving in a couple of months. We have been getting clothes and bits and pieces, so it’s all becoming very real. We can’t wait for Eoin to have a little sister, he is already getting used to the idea. He wants to name her Lincoln, after his best friend in the daycare. It’s all very exciting.

There are lots of projects around the house, with getting the room ready upstairs, would be nice to have your DIY skills over here. We are changing the guest room upstairs into her room, but going to keep the double bed in there, so there will always be a place for you and Mam to stay.

We are all set for our trip back next week, really looking forward to it. Eoin is in great form these days, so he is ready to have the banter with all his cousins. He’s mad for the hurling too, need to get him a new hurl as his current one is too small, his ground hurling is suffering.

Kirsten is doing great too, it’s tough being pregnant during a Texas summer, but she has been amazing, I’m very lucky to have such a great woman! She will be off up until April next year, and thinks she may not go back to work at the Austin State Hospital after that. It would be great for her to have more time with the two kiddos rather than working. We’ll see how it all works out. I hope the weather is good when we get there, so we can get out and about. In any case, it will be good to escape the Texas heat for a few weeks. We are already lining up a cycle on the Waterford Greenway, so looking forward to that.

Mam said you were in Kerry with the gang, hope they are all keeping well? We need to make the trip down to Mallow when we are back, and see them all. It’s great to have that family get together every year down in Inch.

Well that’s about all I have for now, we are so looking forward to being home for a few weeks, we have a lot on our to-do list, but as long as we get to see everyone that’s the main thing. See you at the airport.

Love Briany


Austin to Waterford
Austin to Waterford

Hi Briany,

Lovely to hear from you again and looking forward to your visit here next week with all the family and especially Eoin. He certainly is growing up fast and that video of him playing the guitar and singing his made-up song marks him out as a true star performer – plenty of guff from him now.

As you know, I was back in West Inch in Kerry last Sunday and stayed for two days – all the Moriarty siblings were there – John (the eldest at 82) Kathleen, Marcus, Joan and Noreen. They were all in good order although John suffered from a bout of tuberculosis – ‘not firing on all cylinders’ as he says himself.

Each year John books and pays for a holiday home next door to where your grandfather, Martin, was born and raised. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in Ireland - overlooking Inch beach which is three miles long and is rated as one of the best beaches in Ireland and no wonder. You have never been there so maybe on your visit ye should visit your old ancestral home.

Hope Kirsten is in good health with your expectant baby daughter on the way in November. Tell Kirsten that ‘A mother has a son until he meets a wife but she has a daughter for life’.

It will be good for Eoin to have a baby sister and that he welcomes her into the family. I’m sure Mum would love to give you both a hand, as she did with Eoin, with the new arrival in November but only if ye would wish it. So think on that before we see ye.

I will collect ye in Dublin airport and it will be so good to see ye all again. The cousins Ryan, Sean, Abbie and Sofie are all up to high doh awaiting Eoin’s arrival. It will be the first time that your Mum and I will have all our seven grandchildren together in our house as Jack and Patrick from New York will be home as well. Our house is going to be a bit mad for a few weeks but sure we would not have it any other way.

We are planning a trip for all on the Waterford to Dungarvan ‘Green Line’ which is going to prove a huge hit for walkers and cyclists once it is completed. Parts of it are open to use at present; it is built along the old railway line and crosses the main Waterford to Cork road in three places – two tunnels under the road and a new bridge over it near Kilmacthomas. It is a very welcome amenity for all walkers, runners and cyclists and will in future vie with the Wild Atlantic Way. Whoever thought it up deserves great praise.

Looking forward to your trip and it will be lovely to see ye all again. Keep up the faith in the Deise and until the next time.

Lots of love,


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