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Until Next Time: Amy in Perth writes to Liz in Wexford

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‘Until Next Time’ is a series of email conversations between loved ones living in different parts of the world. A few weeks ago, Amy and her mam shared their email conversation. They catch up again.

Amy Hanton lives in Perth, Western Australia, a long way from her native Wexford and where mother Liz still lives.

Hey Mam,

How are you? How’s Daddy? Nothing much new here, but then again I always say that and then I spring a new plan on you. Um, so my new plan

is I’m off to Sydney at the end of August for a few months. I’d love to be home in time for Christmas - don’t stall on making the Christmas puddings. I’ll just be working from a different office for a few months, a mini adventure. Sure why not.

Oh and you’ve had a busy month of celebrating haven’t you? Happy Fortieth Wedding Anniversary to yourself and Daddy! Absolute legends, the pair of you. I was thinking the other evening though, you’ve probably made Daddy his dinner pretty much every evening for the past forty years; that’s 14,600 dinners. So I hope he took you out for dinner this year ha, ha!

The weather is still cold here, I was very jealous of your little heat wave there last week. I’m flat out boiling the kettle for the hot water bottle. Although you know I’m already secretly praying for snow for Christmas. Do you reckon the Child of Prague would work for snow?

I’m after slowing down on the knitting Mam. I’ve learned I’m not the neatest, I’ve no patience. You might want to mention to Daddy that he might be better off buying a few pairs of socks instead of waiting on me to knit them. Mine would probably look like they were made for a dinosaur anyway.

Tell the nieces and nephews I said hello, and smother them in kisses for me! They’re getting so big and cute! Right, I must go, I’m on my lunch break here, and the world of banking seems to wait for no man.

Tell everyone I said hello

Amy xx


Wexford to Perth
Wexford to Perth

Hi Amy,

Well how are you? You sound busy. Sydney! Well if there’s one thing I can say about you Amy, it’s that you’re definitely not one to let the grass grow under your feet, are you? But sure aren’t you right, go when you have the chance to. Will you be working or living anywhere near any of the places we visited?

Oh thank you! It’s been a busy, but a great month alright. 14,600 dinners, hold on and I’ll get my calculator and I’ll see how many I’ve cooked for you, or will I count the loads of washing? Ha ha!

Oh yes, we finally got that bit of a heat wave alright. It was like being in Spain for the few days while it lasted. It’s a bit cooler now, but still nice at times. Plenty of tourists around which is great.

I sent you over the parish magazine, did you get it?

Your father says don’t worry about the socks, but he’ll have a nice new pair of wellies here for you for when you get home and said to say he’ll arrange a day for you to show them off, dosing cattle, now won’t that be exciting? He’s here watching Only Fools and Horses, ‘what else?!’ says you, it’s either that or the news.

The kids were down at the weekend, they’re great altogether sure! Loved the beach in the hot weather.

I’ll finish off now Amy.

PS. Post arrived here for you, I’ll send it on with the next lot of tea bags.

Take care, love you,

Mam xx

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Simone and Fodhla

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