Sunday 21 January 2018

Until Next Time: Amy in Perth to Liz in Wexford

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‘Until Next Time’ is a series of email conversations between loved ones living in different parts of the world. Same family, very different lives.

Amy Hanton lives in Perth, Western Australia, a long way from her native Wexford and where mother Liz still lives.

Hey Mam,

How’s it going? Nothing much strange over here in Perth. We’re in the thick of winter now. I wore a coat for the first time the other day (the burnt orange full length one, got lots of compliments about it). I’m glad I brought it back with me. And, I brought a hot water bottle to bed the other night, I don’t have any tolerance for the cold anymore, 10 degrees and I’m ‘perished’.

Work is going well, busy, we’re coming to the end of the financial year, so lots of projects on, but getting good hands-on experience. I was chatting with a recruiter from Ireland the other day, seems like things are picking up big-time back there.

Fingers crossed I can get a job easily enough when I move back. I tried making your stew the other night. Mam, I don’t know what I’m doing but I just cannot get it to taste like yours!

Oh, thanks for the care package too! One of the guys on the team pinched the crackers – he’s Aussie, but used to live in Ireland and used to buy them. Would you mind sending out a few more tea bags?I know I can buy them here, but I love getting the packages from home :). Hope the nieces and nephews are doing well; can’t wait to see them again! They’re growing up way too quickly. Tell Dad I said hello, and the rest of the gang too.

I have to run, let me know when the kids are down next to do a Facetime.

Love you lots,

Ames xxx

PS: I've started knitting!


Wexford to Perth
Wexford to Perth

Hi Amy,

Great to hear all is well. We were supposed to have a heat wave this week, but we got washed out of it instead. Glad you got the package; it got to you quick, only posted it last week. I was going to put in some homemade fruit cake, but was afraid it mightn’t get through customs. Will send on tea bags in the next parcel.

I was up visiting all your aunties last week, we went to the Arboretum for lunch. They were all asking after you, and wondering have you found a husband yet?

Got the potatoes, onions and carrots sewed last week, although the seeds are probably washed away now it’s been bucketing down so much. You’ll miss the heat when you move back, Amy. As for the stew, are you dusting the meat in flour before you fry it? To be honest, you just don’t have your mothers touch!

Your father says hello, and wants to know if you’d knit him a pair of socks to keep his feet warm in his wellies. Kids were down the other day, ah Amy, they’re gas the pair of them! Will Facetime you when they’re down over the weekend.

I’ve no other strange news here at all. Won’t be long until Christmas, we’re counting down the days.

Take care, love you,

Mam xx

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Briany and his Dad

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