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Unseen dirt: The importance of giving your floors a proper vacuum clean


Clean floors are about much more than making your home a little bit tidier.

Not only does having clean floors help stop a build-up of bacteria and tiny particles over time that the human eye can’t pick up, but keeping on top of them will also help your floors stay in good nick for as long as possible.

If you’ve been trying to come up with ways to take better care of your floors, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of ways to up your game. Now that we’re into the summer months and spending more time outdoors, here are some useful tips on keeping your floors clean.

When it comes to vacuum cleaning in particular, the tools you have in your arsenal always make a massive difference. Samsung offer a wide range of high-tech and powerful vacuum cleaners, giving you everything you need to keep your floors as clean as can be.

With several different options to choose from, including Samsung’s powerful Bespoke Jet™ vacuum, the Samsung Jet™ vacuum cleaner range and Clean Station™, you’re guaranteed a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. There are plenty of attachment tools on offer and the removable battery gives you plenty of time to give your home a thorough clean.

You can find out more on the Samsung website here.


Pet peeves

As much as we love our pets, they can sometimes wreak havoc on the floors. Whether it’s a soft carpet or hard flooring like tiles or wood, it’s not just the mucky pawprints they leave behind that cause a problem.

Their water and food bowls might not take up much room in the house, but they are a breeding ground for bacteria. While it varies on how often you clean them and the material of the bowl itself, the area in and around where you set them down is a part of the floor you should pay particular attention to.

Pet hair can also pose a risk to people with allergies, so regular vacuuming will reduce the chance of there being any fur left over after your pets have been moulting. The Samsung Bespoke Jet™ Pet is designed to make things as straightforward as possible, it comes with a specialised pet tool and an integrated Clean Station™ that automatically empties the dustbin.


Another reason why you should take care of your floors by regularly giving them a vacuum, is that you give them a better chance to last longer. Even if you went for the finest quality of flooring you could find in the hopes it would last for as long as possible, allowing a build up of dirt over a long period of time won’t do it any favours.

Flooring is a significant investment, regardless of what kind you have in your own home. Keeping it tidy by avoiding any unnecessary clutter will help avoid damaging carpet fibres or leaving marks, not to mention the fact that it can help get rid of unwanted odours and ugly spots!

Allergens & bacteria

During the summer, pollen is something that affects people when trying to enjoy some time outside. It’s not something that always stays on the other side of the door however, as there are several ways in which it can make its way into your home, such as by landing on floors and surfaces.

Dust and dirt is not just unsightly; left unattended they facilitate a build-up of bacteria. Getting rid of it before it has a chance to accumulate, as well as doing the same for any small particles like pollen or mould, should be as much a part of the cleaning routine as emptying the dishwasher or taking out the bins.

This is where older vacuum cleaners really suffer, even if it’s one you’ve been able to rely on for a great number of years. While it might be perfectly capable of picking up large bits of dirt, it’s not effectively removing the smaller particles.

Older vacuum cleaners tend to not be very effective at picking up smaller particles, and sometimes can simply recirculate it back into your home. While this wasn’t something we would not physically be able to see ourselves, it essentially means that any cleaning efforts you make won’t be enough to get rid of dust and fine particles.

Making sure your vacuum is designed to filter out this unseen dirt should help you feel confident that your floors are as clean as can be. As well as that, it can also reduce the risk that bacteria will have a chance to build up in your home.

Samsung’s multi-layered filtration system traps 99.999pc of dust*, while the jet cyclone catches fine dust** particles like pollen and mould. It means you can make the air in your home as hygienically clean as your floors.


Trap dust once and for all with Samsung Jet™ Stick vacuum range and Clean Station™ so cleaning stays done and your home stays dust-free. Browse Samsung’s range of vacuum cleaners by shopping at a Samsung retailer or visit the Samsung website here.

* Tested internally based on IEC 62885-2, CL.5.11 using the Jet mode. Results may vary depending on actual usage.

** Refers to particles in the size range of 0.3 to 10µm.